Sunday, June 10, 2012


Just a heads up. I have finally decided to move my blog over to my site

Friday, June 8, 2012

Write On Edge: To the moon

This week's Write On Edge post was pretty laid back and easy. In 500 words, write a piece of fiction or non-fiction which includes the phrase: to the moon. Since I'm hoping to get Snapshots published by mid to late July, I thought I'd write something for it.
To the moon! Jacob pointed to the glowing light bulb above our heads. A wide grin filled his face and hope shined in his eyes.

The hope caused my throat to tighten. Keandra was right. Jacob didn’t fully understand just how bad this place was. And I envied him for it. Envied that he could detach himself from the reality of our confinement and get lost in his imagination. The light above was from the moon and in his head and we were flying towards it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This post is going to be unrelated to writing. Just warning you. In all fairness though, it's not my fault. I had some good topic ideas, forgot them and have yet to remember.

Veganism, my hubby and I are considering it. Or at least ways to cut our meat consumption. Why? Well, we aren't turning into tree hugging hippies, but we don't want to support the meat industry. I am going to make you cringe and say we watched a documentary called Vegucated. Yes, people always say they are going to change after watching a documentary and then never do. Change is hard. It wasn't really the whole documentary that had us considering it. It was the few minutes where someone was talking about slaughter house practices. I couldn't look at the images. It turned my stomach. How can someone work in a place like that and sleep at night? It boggles my mind.

In all honesty, I don't want to give up meat. Not 100%. I like chicken and burgers. I looooove cheese and milk. So chances are hubby and I aren't going to go strictly vegan or vegetarian. But we do want to make choices that don't involve animal abuse or torture. (Watch the documentary and you'll understand why I say that. And yes, I understand the more harsh and shocking practices are shown, but they happen and that's what bothers me. If you have no problem that's you. This is me.)

The problem we face is finding alternatives. We live in a small city and there is no health food store jammed packed with tofu alternatives. The vegetarian food selection at grocery stories is small and high priced. Finding meat that hasn't been mass slaughter is near impossible.

It will be in the little things. A box of veggie burgers. Skipping out on adding chicken to a pasta. There will be times where we decide we don't care and have a burger. We're not looking to change the world. Just a part of our lives that will reduce something we don't agree with. Maybe one day we'll move to a place that has a health food store that we can shop at. Or maybe we'll decide not to worry about it. I honestly can't say. We're fickle like that sometimes.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Writing Update

I had a blog topic and it was a good one. Thought it up in the shower. Which means, of course, I forgot it while rinsing my hair. Maybe I rinsed some braincells away too. Kidding! Anyways, since I'm struggling for a blog topic, I figured I'd give an update on my writing.

First up, the Turkish foreign rights contract. I received three copies of the contract with the publishers signatures a few weeks ago. I signed them and sent two back. Third is for my records. The other day, I got an email saying the agency that I'm dealing with for the rights got the contracts and handed them to the publisher. Next I give them my book right? Nope, now they pay me. Part of the contract said I would be paid within fifteen days of the signatures. I was assured I would receive payment by June 15th. Only then do I give them the file for my book. That's part of the contract too. I need to ask how long until I get my copies of the translated version of Being Human (contract also said the book had to be translated and published no later than 18 months.)

Second bit of news. Still working on Snapshots edits. This weekend I didn't get much done. My cousin got married so that took up my weekend. It was in Grand Rapids. Seven hour drive one way! Woo! x_x The wedding was fun though. Darth Vader showed up because my cousin met her husband on a blind date to see Episode One. I figure I should get through Lor's edits by tomorrow.

Lastly, I've been thinking a lot about Elijah, Hadrian's dad. I finished Hadrian's story (it needs a title) and all along I knew I wanted to write a little short from Elijah's POV. It would be a prequel to Hadrian, but if I decide to do something with Hadrian, it will come after. The idea is you learn Hadrian's story and then learn about his father before and some of the events leading up.

That's all for now. I'm chugging along, hoping to get Snapshots released by mid to late July and move onto the next story. Being Vampire will be soon... hopefully. I need to reread it and make sure I still like it. Then there's Out of Secrets that needs some tweaking. Puck's story too. Lots of stories. I just need to figure out which one to focus on. Does anyone have a slave they can lend me?