Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So my friend, Lor and I are quite the chatty couple. We are constantly talking and texting. On twitter, we joked that she was like my wife. We asked my hubby what he thought, but he really didn't want to share me. (He's no fun!) Anyways, one day, hubby, his co-worker and I were driving up to visit co-worker's girlfriend for the weekend. Like usual, I was texting Lor and they ask me who I'm texting. I shrugged and replied, "My wife."

That was the start of it. Since then, Lor and I constantly refer to each other as 'Wifey' Where is my wifey? Oh, wifey, I need you! That makes it only natural I do my W post with her. I decided to ask her some questions, but then got a little too lazy to think up questions. Then I saw one of my tags for my blog. It was perfect. Lor is a writer anyways so why not have her tell why she writes.

Of course, at first, she gave me a short, silly answer:I have a God complex and I wish not to be sent to prison for my evil psychotic sadist tendencies. Ergo I write to satisfy the miniature god within me.

I tweeted her saying it was a little short and amusing. Oh, you want a serious answer? Uh duh! She got back pretty quick though and gave an amazing and serious reason for why she writes.
Why I write. I've often thought about this very question several times and I always come up with the same answer.

Sure every author dreams of having their worked published and adored over by thousands of fans. Talked about for decades to come and those are wonderful goals but highly unachievable and I know that. So in this aspect I don't get my hopes up all to high.

Now that most of family knows I write I've come to find that several have completed books and sought to publish but rejection after rejection withered them down into nothing. They simply gave up. Or they know of someone who couldn't do it and was just to hard...

Boo hoo.

If you want something badly enough you will make it happen. So making it happen is what I am doing. I am self publishing this year and by the time 2013 dings I will have four books/novels released and one free short. Who's to say a publisher won't ever see my work? They very well may and adore it and who knows maybe even ask for a submission. Then again they may not but who cares?

I don't write to please them nor do I write to please a reader. I write to please myself. If someone else just so happens to love it just as much as I well hot damn... If not oh well.

Late one night in a tired almost drunk like haze I tweeted "I'm off to write till my fingers bleed. Will it pay off? With money and fame more than likely not but for my sole it is invaluable." and that is my truth and that is why I write. I write for me.
You can find more about Lor and her writing at her blog - well, blogs. She has a slight obsession with blogs. LOL Find her on twitter or Facebook. Also, check out her A to Z challenge posts here.


  1. Lookit!!! Lookit!!! -points excitedly- AWWWWW THAT'S ABOUT ME!!!

    My answer is up for the whole world to see!




  2. '... that is why I write. I write for me.' Absolutely! That has to be the reason. If you write with an eye to becoming famous or what you think other people want, you'll only be chasing a chimera - and you'll end up frustrated because you're not being true to yourself.

    1. Ima Leo so there isn't anything outside myself and my select pride members! XD Totally just pulled that out of my took-ish.

  3. You know, I like both answers... the serious one and the miniature god one!

  4. Wifey sounds like a lot of fun! My bff Gwynn and I spent so much time together in college that our friends joked that we shared a brain. ;)

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