Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Last year my V post was about vampire slayers, and how despite being a vampire fan, there was just something about slayers that I love. This year, I decided to go with vampires. Honestly, it's only natural I do my V post on vampires or something vampire related. Aside from sparkling vampires (Unless they are named Jasper) vampires are quite bad ass.

Or they should be.

I have to say, after Twilight, there were a lot of wussy vampire books. All vampires whined about their lost humanity, moping about the humans they had killed. Whine, whine, whine. Any vampire that wasn't like that was evil and bad. They would kill babies and kittens if possible! The books, unless a series, usually ended with the evil vampires dying.

I wasn't the only one to notice this. I've stumbled across a few indie authors who decided no more wussy vampires and wrote stories with vampires that kicked ass and got some flesh stuck between their fangs. You won't find a moody, brooding vampire stuck in high school in their books.

That's not to say the humanitarian vampire doesn't have a place in books or entertainment. Far from it. I enjoy the paranormal romances with good vampires versus the bad guy vampires from time to time. But, still, sometimes a girl just wants to get down and dirty, sink her teeth into a vampire that is the good guy but still likes to nom on human necks.

What about you? Tell me about your favorite vampire (bad ass or humanitarian) and I'll pick one commenter to send a signed bookmark to.


  1. I don't have a favorite vamp (haven't read much stories) but perhaps the closest would be Vayl from the Jazz Parks series. Sexy bod, nice accent, family man, and hired demon killer. Oh, and he survived hell more than once. Hot damn.

  2. I liked Anne Rice's vampires. Don't care for the sparkly vamps, no matter how yummy they may look--vampires are monsters and should act like monsters. I also love Dracula (of course!).

  3. In recent memory, I'd have to say your vamps and Daniel's are some of my favourites. :D To hell with the sparkly vamps. They give faeries a bad name, which causes me problems. My Fae are more badass than the sparkly vamps. :P

  4. Are we strictly talking about book vampires? Because my favorite vamps are all courtesy of my television set:

    Spike from the Whedonverse, Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries (well, he's from a book. I haven't read it but I know he's originally from a book) and Eric Northman from True Blood (also originally from a book).

    1. TV is fine. There are plenty of good TV vampires out there. =D

  5. Wussy vampires do not do it for me. A bad boy vampire who turns still drinks human blood, but whose soul just might be redeemed when he falls in love with a human girl ... now that sounds like an interesting read!

    My favourite vampire is none other than the gorgeous Lestat. He can bite my neck any day! ;)

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  6. I personally liked Selene from Underworld. Leather wearing, gun toting, sexy! No sparkles but burns in the sunlight. (Okay, so that's mean but it puts you more on the edge of your seat when you know that the sun is going to be up at any moment.)

  7. Definitely Cal from Scott Westerfeld's Peeps... but then, I loved the fresh, biological take on vampires that still embraced the traditional lore.

  8. Spike, Angel, Darla, and Dru from the Buffy universe... and I liked Henry from the book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, which was really a response to the Twilight nonsense. Very well rounded.