Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am a crafty person. I love making all sorts of things, from baked goods to jewelry to knitting. There's just something about creating something pretty that is satisfying. Not to mention fun. I have a blog for my jewelry, I started it in an attempt to try to network among other crafters. But that's a lot more tricky than networking with other writers. No one seemed as talkative on their blogs and their tweets were only hawking their etsy stores. So my jewelry blog has fallen in the way side. I still make lots of pretties though so I thought I'd post a few fun things I've made lately.

Here's some writer themed necklaces. Little books and pencils. They're claspless and I love doing those kinds of necklaces because they can be as long or as short as a person wants.

 Next is a pink scull scarf I made for a friend. First time knitting a pattern.
 Earrings are my favorite to make. They are simple and I can make many with few supplies.
 This yarn is self striping. Love that stuff, then I don't have to count rows!
 This is one of my more complex pieces. First time I made this necklace, it took me six hours. I've cut down on that by a few hours.
 This scarf is always fun. Lots of other crafters stick with solid color scarfs or plain scarfs, but where's the fun in that?

So what about you? Anything creative you do besides writing? Comment and I'll pick one person to send a signed bookmark to.
PS, all these are for sale. Just ask the cost. =D


  1. I has a book necklace! MINE! So many pretties... -pets screen-

  2. i like creating crafts too, but only dabble
    your stuff is beautiful & professional! that necklace is gorgeous!

  3. WOW, these are gorgeous! I've seen a few of these on your FB, but not all of them. That swirly necklace is incredible, and I love the pattern of the last scarf. I have a simple scarf pattern...I used to just knit scarves straight because I didn't know how to follow a pattern, but this one is ridiculously easy, and it didn't take me long to master it. It's not nearly as pretty as yours, though! Love the hats, too, I really need to learn to do those. You're incredibly multi-talented, my friend!

  4. A woman of many talents!

    I'm into photography myself, mostly landscapes and wildlife.

  5. Whoa! That wire necklace is intricate and gorgeous. The book ones with the keys are also very nice too. Unfortunately, I don't have a Paypal. :( Otherwise I would totally support your craft by making a purchase. :)

    Sarah @ The Writer's Experiment