Tuesday, April 10, 2012


When I started this blog, I wanted to have a blog name that fit what I would be blogging about. I also wanted something catchy that people would notice. I came up with Journey through the pages because I was just starting writing and looking into publishing. I was starting a journey.

Since then, I've come quite far. I've published one full length novel and a short story. I've made tons of writing friends. Have learned so much. Each one is like a little bridge I've crossed. Now I'm at a new bridge. A long, scary rope bridge that has to be crossed carefully. Honestly, I never thought this would be a bridge I have to cross.

I woke up to an email in my mailbox with details to a foreign rights contract for my book, Being Human. If you remember, I blogged about how I was contacted by a Turkish agent about rights for my book. At first I thought it was a joke or maybe a scam, but doing a little research, emailing a bunch of people, and asking questions seemed to have confirmed it's not a joke or a scam. A publisher in Turkey is, in fact, interested in Being Human and now I have an offer to prove it.

The thing is, I don't really know if it's a good offer. The amount of money is what I expected, but some of the details I don't know, and there are other details that aren't presented. I went back to google and did a little more research and came up with a list of questions that I need answered before I can give an answer. After talking with Lor, I sent another email and requested to see a copy of the contract. I may not understand all the language used in the contract, but if they say no then warning bells will sound.

I know at this point people will tell me to get an agent. Yes, I have considered it and before I even knew if the publisher wanted my book or not I contacted agents. Out of the dozen I contacted only a few replied back and all but one said no. The one that didn't gave me some useful information that lead me to send a paperback copy of my book to Turkey. That agent also said with how simple Turkish contract are she said I probably didn't need an agent to look at it.

Now, I'm waiting for it to be morning in Turkey and for the agent I'm dealing with to see my emails and reply. I figure this can either end good, with my book in a foreign market. Or it can end bad, with me being ripped off. Either way, this has been an exciting bridge and I'm slowly making my way across.


  1. Journey makes me think of the band.... Totally though that's what this post was about till I read and then I was like ohhhhhhhhh....


    Anywhoop since you've made the journey first Ima hop along in your footprints!! 0:D

    Cuz I can!


    1. Well, I did start singing Journey songs when I thought up the title. XD

  2. *crosses finger* I wish you luck and lots of publishing fairy magic!

  3. Good luck!

    And if a contract does come through... see if you can find someone who speaks Turkish to doublecheck it...