Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hollywood Stories Blog tour

Just when you thought you've heard everything about Hollywood comes a totally original new book -- a special blend of biography, history and lore.

Hollywood Stories is packed with wild, wonderful short tales about famous stars, movies, directors and many others who have been a part of the world's most fascinating, unpredictable industry!

What makes the book unique is that the reader can go to any page and find a completely engaging and illuminating yarn. Sometimes people won't realize that they are reading about The Three Stooges or Popeye the Sailor until they come to the end of the story. The Midwest Book Review says Hollywood Stories is, "packed from cover to cover with fascinating tales."

Full of funny moments and twist endings, Hollywood Stories features an amazing, all-star cast of legendary characters and icons and will keep you totally entertained!

Excerpt: Young Frankenstein Follies
Director Mel Brooks and the cast of the 1974 parody Young Frankenstein almost went overboard with their ad-libbing. British comic Marty Feldman, who  played the dim-witted lab assistant Igor, came up with a running bit where his hunchback kept moving. Several days passed before Marty’s co-workers noticed; the displaced hump gag was added into the script so the other characters could react to it.

Gene Hackman shone as a kindly blind man who abused Peter Boyle’s creature by spilling scalding hot soup on his lap, breaking his wine glass during a toast and accidentally lighting the cigar-smoking demon’s thumb on fire. As the screaming monster ran off in pain, Hackman topped off the scene by making up the line, “Wait! I was gonna make espresso.”

Brooks himself provided a yowling cat sound when Gene Wilder’s Frederick Frankenstein threw an errant dart off camera. The players had so much fun creating extra material they ended up with a ponderous three-hour picture. Some hasty editing by Brooks removed the flat jokes, which cut  Young Frankenstein’s length in half thus resulting in a comedy classic.

About the Author:
Author Stephen Schochet is a professional tour guide in Hollywood who years ago began collecting little-known, humorous anecdotes to tell to his customers. His new book Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! contains a timeless treasure trove of colorful vignettes featuring an amazing all-star cast of icons including John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn and many others both past and contemporary. Tim Sika, host of the radio show Celluloid Dreams on KSJS in San Jose has called Stephen,” The best storyteller about Hollywood we have ever heard.


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  1. I remember when Igor's hump kept moving. Very funny. This book sounds delightfully funny. :)

  2. I love little stories like that. AMC sometimes lists them in little tabs during movies, and I enjoy the trivia almost as much as the film.

  3. Mel Brooks always did strike me as the sort who ad-libs a lot....

  4. I love tales about famous stars, movies, directors!