Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ghost Hunters

I am seriously a giant wuss. It does not take much to scare me. *Glares at Vic and his plan to scare* I can't watch even mildly scary movies. I remember watching The Birds once when I was younger, and later that night, I had a nightmare. A weird nightmare with violins playing, but I woke up scared out of my mind. The Chucky movies, I didn't even have to watch those, the commercials were enough to scare me when I was little. If it's labeled horror... NOPE! (Oddly, when I was little, I loved reading horror story. Fear Street, Goosebumps, they all scared me but I kept reading.)

You'd think with this fear I'd stay far away from ghost hunting shows on TV. NOPE! I love watching those shows. They scare the crap out of me but are so interesting. Especially the EVP (electronic voice phenomenon.) I like closing my eyes and listening because if you watch the subtitles they put up for what they think is being said, then your mind picks out the words. Closing my eyes allows me to just listen and sometimes I hear words and other times I don't.

What scares me the most out of those shows is the pictures or things they capture. Now, I'm not totally convinced. The shows are shot in complete darkness, (one show explained it by doing a daylight show. The reason for doing it at night is there are no shadows and they don't have to waste time ensuring that what they are seeing is a shadow and not something else,) and with limited visibility, your mind can play tricks. Is that really a figure you're seeing or is your mind completing the outline of a figure?

This picture was when one of the shows went to Boothill graveyard in Arizona. The show, I forget which one, said this is one of the few ghost images that hasn't been disproven. All attempts to recreate it have failed so far. Apparently, the guy in the black hat is holding a knife.

Most of the time, the shows only capture a few things that I think could be something paranormal or not of this world. I really enjoy the shows that debunk too. They go to scary places too. Like an island in Mexico full of dolls. In Destination Truth, they went to this island in Mexico and as they were talking, this doll's eye just popped open. What's even creepier, they had just been discussing that doll's eyes opening. No idea if it was co-incidence or not, but holy crap! That is one place that is off my vacation list!
I hate dolls that have eyes that open and close. =|


  1. That doll is so scary!!! I don't watch much tv, but I definitely couldn't watch those shows if I did. I used to love scary movies, now I can't watch them. They've become to grotesque with the violence and gore. Give me Psycho or the The Birds any day.

  2. I forgot the bookmark incentive. Umm, share a scary ghost moment and I'll pick one person to send a bookmark to.

  3. This has creeped me out. I have just started reading Pure by Julianna Baggott and it is definately creepy. The story is based around the survivors of an almost total inialation of all life on Earth, set in 3000 AD. What freaked me out about your post and the connection to the book is the story centres around a teenager who survived the initial blast, but now has a dolls head immersed onto the end of her arm! Very out there!!!


  4. I rarely watch TV, however, I do believe in spooky goings on...I'm always interested in hearing people tell of sightings of ghosts.
    Good post.

  5. Ug, I can't do scary things at all. When I saw the third harry potter in imax, I freaked and a friend and I spend the whole werewolf scene clutching eachother. And in high school english, we watched so many horror movie for a unit on mood. I swear, people just like watching me freak. One time when the bell rang, I jump and landed half way into my desk partner's lap.

    So nope, ghost hunting shows aren't for me. Finding Bigfoot though, that's a good one.

  6. I rather like ghost stories, but in reading, rather then television.

    I take it that playing the Jaws theme would spook you too?

    1. Naw, that makes me giggle. It's what happens after that might scare me. lol

  7. Yeah, those ghost or paranormal shows are scary if you believe in that stuff - and I BELIEVE IN THAT STUFF!