Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a Sci-fi Fantasy with a horror twist plus a dash of romance

Long blog title, I know. Anyways, I've always said Being Human was YA paranormal, and it is. There's vampires and young adults. It fits nicely into those two categories, but after a recent review I started to wonder if maybe there was more to my story than it just being a YA paranormal story.

The review in question said she enjoyed my story, loved the fact my vampires were survival-oriented. They weren't going to high school or being broody, they were just trying to survive. But she found some of the book boring. Honestly, that didn't surprise me too much. I knew people would feel that way. Being Human isn't an action packed story, and in fact, little action does happen. It's a story about a vampire going through his undead life and trying to figure out life's mysteries.

And that's what made me wonder if Being Human may fit into other genres.

The first one to pop into my head was contemporary. I'm not exactly sure if Being Human fits in that. I google the description and this is what I found:
  • Existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time.
  • Of about the same ago or date
  • Of the present time, modern

I think Being Human fits into that a bit. I realize this is something I need to figure out. There are potential readers I'm not targeting and they are slipping by me. Sure, they may not all be vampire fans, but I've had quite a few reviewers say Being Human isn't like other vampire books.

What do you think? Does my book fit contemporary? Do you have any ideas of what genre Being Human might fit into along with YA paranormal? Halp me out, please!


  1. The whole aspect of genres is difficult. I think there are many books lumped into one category when in fact they can fit in so many more. I do think where there is a vampire element to your story, placing it in contemporary might be a hard fit. But I say this without having read the book. I would say try and look into other books that are similar to yours and see how they are marketed. Are there books labeled contemporary that have a paranormal aspect connected to it? I'd be curious to know. Good luck.

    1. So far, most paranormal books I've read aren't like mine. I need to find contemporary books to check out (I am such a paranormal nuts. No fangs or fur, chances are I won't read it.)