Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dirty Truth Meme

I usually don't post on Tuesdays (why do I keep thinking tomorrow is Wednesday as I write this on a Monday night?) but I was invited to join an interesting meme so I may just switch from blogging on Monday to Tuesday so I can do it. Cassie at Shadow Kisses (she wrote an awesome review of Being Human and has an ad for it on her site) is hosting this meme. It is a weekly meme where authors are asked a personal question. The meme is posted at the beginning of the week but you can participate all week long, just link up.

 To participate:
  1. Be an author or writer (you don't have to be published though.)
  2. Answer the question of the week on your blog.
  3. Grab the button code and include it in the post.
  4. Add your post to the linky or leave it in the comments and visit others' posts.
This week's question is:
Do you admire your own work?

I had to think about this a second. There are days I think my writing is good and I love almost every word I type, but admire it? I don't think I've quite ever admire it. Hated it, absolutely, but never fawned and gushed over something I wrote. Mostly, I think, "This sounds good enough to publish." Then I start thinking about how it needs to be edited and that I have to send it to beta readers and cringe at the idea of red ink. LOL

There's my answer, now head over to Cassie's blog, grab the info for the meme and answer the question yourself... or you can post the answer in a comment if you don't want to jump on the meme bandwagon.


  1. I think I would not only cringe at the red ink but I would drive myself crazy with worry before I get it back lol. Thank you for linking up and mentioning my review of your book, your the best :)

  2. Is it horrible and concieted to say that I often love my writing? I am so proud of my novel "Searching for My Wand" that yeah, I sort of do admire it, although that seems weird, lol.

  3. I have days when I really like my writing and then days where I'm not at all in the same frame of mind.

  4. Hmmm. May need to play this game. :D

    1. Yes! Cuz next week I'm the featured author and get to pick the question. =D

  5. I don't necessarily admire my writing. I have a feeling of "hit" and "miss" quite often, though.

    My thing when it comes to writing is whether or not I am taken to my character's 'place' or if I get emotional from the emotions I write. If it affects me physically, then I'm proud of it.