Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bickering like a married couple AKA character interview

Today I have a special post, a treat. My friend Murphy has a few characters who she's let me borrow to grill because I love character interviews. Although, I think bickering might be more accurate than interview. I've been told to call her character, Cass, to keep them in line, but they seemed to behave themselves pretty well. Anyways, here is Ryan and Emily from Murphy's work in progress, Night of the Hunter.

*NOTE* Murphy's characters are NOT vampires. Yes, I allow non-vampire creatures on my blog.

1) To both Ryan and Emily, describe yourself. (Who ever speaks first answers first.)

EMILY: Well, himself's too busy brooding over there, so I suppose I might as well go first. What was the question? Oh. Well, not one for beating about the bush, are you? Quiet enough, I suppose, and easygoing with it. I'm happy with my books. I'm none too complicated, really.

RYAN: She forgot to add saintlike. She makes the Virgin Mary herself look bad, this one does.

EMILY: Answer the bleeding question, it's yourself you're describing.

RYAN: Of course. (snort) I am what I am. Nothing more and nothing less. 

2) Another question you both can answer in whatever order you feel like. What's your favorite thing to do while kicking back and relaxing?

EMILY: Oh! You're American, I can see it by your spelling. Which part of it do you live in? It's a massive thing of a country, isn't it? Is it grand? I think it must be. 

RYAN: Now who's not answering the bleeding question, little Impartial?

EMILY: Sure and some of us haven't had the time to travel the world as we please, forgive me for being curious! Some curiosity isn't a sin.

RYAN: No, but it killed the cat.

EMILY: I'm not a cat, and besides that, satisfaction brought it back. Answer the question.

RYAN: Why me first?

EMILY: I answered the last one.

RYAN: Back in primary school taking turns, are we? (rolls eyes) I've not much time for relaxing. That time is my own and I'll not share it with anyone.

EMILY: He drinks. Copiously. For myself, I enjoy my reading, sometimes knitting. Oh, stop glaring at me, Ryan, you know I've the right of it. He's cranky, he is, most of the time. Cass says he was kind at one time, but I've yet to see it.

3) Last duo question. What's the most annoying thing in the world?

RYAN: This little one here when she's gone off on a tear. Thinks she knows everything and she'll happily tell you all about it.

EMILY: Hmph. I'd say it's more in the way of being great hulking brooding men who can't pull their heads from their arses and accept the past as it is, rather than laying about being self-pitying fools who waste their lives. Oh, dear--I've gone and said arse, and twice now as well, after I was told this would be printed for others to see. I don't suppose there's any manner of censoring it?

RYAN: You see? Bloody saintlike.

4) For Emily. If you could change one thing about your past what would it be and why?

EMILY: I'd love to be able to answer that question, truly I would. But I've little to no memory of anything that happened before I was eight years old. I suppose, then, that's what I'd most like to change. If I knew what happened, remembered the past and how my family died, I could mourn them properly.

5) For Ryan. If the zombie apocalypse happened now, what one person would you save? (Bonus points if you say me. ^_~)

RYAN: Much as it pains me to say it, I'd be saving the wee Impartial. She's a pest, but we've a need for her. No zombie apocalypse would hold off the Fae.

I'll come back for you, of course, should I get the chance.
Me; Thanks, I would very much like it if you came back. I can play a good damsel in distress. ;)

6) Emily, I hear you like to read. What's your favorite book?

EMILY: Oh, I couldn't possibly pick only the one! Not when there are writers such as Oscar Wilde, Frank McCourt, Jane Austen and Stephen King, and--oh, and I can't be forgetting James Joyce, my professors would be weeping in shame, and me not a year out of Trinity! You can't ask me to pick only the one, you truly can't.

RYAN: She's right; we'll be here at least a month while she lists them off, rereads them all, and makes a decision.

EMILY: Hush, Ryan! At least I can take pleasure from such things.

RYAN: I've other ways of taking pleasure, little Impartial.

7) Ryan, what's your take on food and sex? ;)

RYAN: Both necessary functions for most creatures, though one more frequently than the other. The other... less so.
Me: Well, I meant using food for smexy fun. My writing buddy, Daniel, wanted me to ask that.

8) Okay, I lied, another question I want both of you to answer. What is your greatest strength and what is your greatest weakness?

EMILY: My mind is my strength, and my favourite tool. I'm a quick learner and a meticulous--or anal-retentive, as Ry says--researcher. I'm also rather handy with a bow and arrow, which himself here should be keeping in mind if he wishes to stay in one piece. As for weaknesses.... ah.. well, those are always difficult to discuss, aren't they? I suppose... how easily Ryan aggravates me would be my current greatest weakness, other than my small size, and truly, I can't be doing much about that. I tend to rather lose control of my tongue when Ryan's annoyed me, and I don't care for that.

RYAN: My strengths are those I was born with because of what I am. Speed, agility, and excellent tracking abilities as I'm a hunter. And my weakness? This little know it all. She's maddening, but we need her safe for Samhain and the binding of the Tithe, so anyone who attacks me knows very well most of my efforts will be focused on protecting her.

EMILY: Finally, a question he didn't evade. Would you teach me that skill, Patricia? I've yet to find a question he doesn't dodge around or simply refuse to answer.

I'm done torturing you both now. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog...

RYAN: These questions have a purpose other than prying. If the same were true of your endless questions, I'd answer them.

EMILY: Hmph. It's a fun-sucker you are, Ryan McLaughlin.

RYAN: So be it. And Cass will be ridiculously pleased to see you used an expression of hers. Now then, why don't we bugger off and Ms. Lynne be?

EMILY: Oh, do you mean that's the end of the questions? That was fast, and painless too. With all of Murphy's excitement, I thought we were going to be suffering deeply.

RYAN: I promise, you will be if you don't stop chattering. Say goodbye.

EMILY: Oh, all right, you cranky creature. I hope we weren't annoying--or that Ryan wasn't too off-putting--and that you'll come and see our writer's blog! We make occasional appearances in snippets like this one! Goodbye, and thank you for having us!
Anyways, *rolls eyes at Emily and Ryan* if you want to learn more about Murphy's writing and/or bug her to write faster so we can all enjoy her stories, check out her blog or stalk her on twitter. *WARNING* She is evil and loves to post torturous snippets.


  1. That was fun! Very interesting to see them before - well, no spoilers, so I'll just say before they became the characters I know now. :P

    And I couldn't agree more, Murphy is evil!! ;)

  2. That was great! Total fun to read :D

  3. Oh, what an interview! I was already grinning at "answer the bleeding question."

  4. I'm more than a little behind on this. But I'm playing around here to give myself ideas, and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for enjoying it! If you'd like, I have a few other character pairings. Get Patty to interview them. ;)