Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are You Writing Now? April Goals

Okay people, it's time. Last month was the first official post for Are You Writing Now? and we had some minor success. A few people posted at the end of the month, while others posted later when they got a chance. You know what? That's fine. Officially, we'd like the posts at the end of the month so we can hop to each other's blogs, but no biggie if you don't have time and post in the middle of the month. We did have more people sign up so Yay!

How did I do with my goals? I... kinda gave up on my initial goals and set a new one. I just can't seem to figure out the ending to Being Vampire. I was just getting more and more frustrated so I decided to put it on the back burner. Maybe if I worked on something else, that would get the creative juices flowing. It worked a little bit. I had moments of inspiration where I figured out a part of the story, but still no ending.

As for the new goal I set, I achieved that. I decided since Drew was being such a brat, I'd work on another story and decided to rewrite Snapshots line by line. My goal was to finish it before my AYWN post. Which I did. Yesterday. A little close, but I did it and now I need new goals.

Drew still isn't talking much, but maybe I'll reread what I have written and see if that sparks anything. I would like to start another story to edit. I have a few finished stories that need to be read through and rewritten like Snapshots. There is also that short story Lor inspired that I set aside with Being Vampire. Lastly, I signed up for the A to Z blogging challenge so I need to do those posts.

So goals:
  1. Reread what I've written of Being Vampire and see if it sparks inspiration.
  2. Start a new story to edit and rewrite.
  3. Write on third Influence short.
  4. A to Z Blogging Challenge
There's my goals. Now let's hear yours. Did you achieve last month's goals?


  1. Good luck with all your goals. We look forward to seeing your A to Z posts!

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A to Z co-host

  2. Hi Patricia, I have just joined your "Are You Writing Now" Accountability Group, hope that is okay. I will be joining the A-Z Challenge too, I am looking forward to it,this year will be my first!

    I would also like to let you know that I have just presented you with a Versatile Blog Award! Congrats!

    1. That's great, thanks for joining. =D I did A to Z last year and it was lots of fun. =) An award too? w00t!

  3. Whoot! Goals! And welcome aboard AYWN C.M. Brown.

  4. Thanks Gwen and Patricia, hey I think I am having trouble with the linky, my name was dropped off the list this morning. I tried to enter it again but is has this little red cross next to it?

    Are you able to fix it your end Patricia?

    1. It's working for me and shows up on mine. o.O

    2. Okay, I re-entered it this morning, it is showing up but I can still see the cross for some reason. Oh well what matters is that you know I've joined if it does drop off again! Sorry to be a bother.