Thursday, February 9, 2012

Near Death Character Interview

Ooooooh! I have a treat for you today. A very, very special guest. My writing partner, MB gave me a choice of characters from her book, Near Death, to grill. Seeing how the main characters always get the spotlight, I thought I'd shake things up a bit and ask a few question of a character who, while a smaller role, is very important to the story. So let's give a warm welcome to Maxim and cross your fingers that he doesn't strangle me out of annoyance.

1)Let’s start with the basics. Tell us a bit about yourself, about your past. Don’t be cryptic either like you were to Gabe, Chris and the others.

Maxim: My past is of no concern to you. All you need know is that like Christoph, I am atoning for my…misdeeds. 

2)You’re a Death God, how is that for a job occupation?

Maxim: It suffices.
Chris: There’s no health insurance, I mean, technically we are dead, but it offers a fantastic work release program.
Maxim: *glares* Who invited you?

3)Why were you so cryptic to Gabe, Aya and the others? Wouldn’t it have been easier and less hassle not to scare and confuse them?

Maxim: Are you trying to tell me how to do my job puny human?  I intimidate for a reason.
Chris: He thinks it’s in the job description.
Jackson: I’m surprised he doesn’t carry a sickle like all those pictures you see of the Grim Reaper.
Chris: I asked for one once. It didn’t go over well.
Maxim: If the two of you don’t leave, you’ll find out just how scary I can be.
Jackson: Oohh, he is intimidating, isn’t he?
Chris: Haven’t I died enough in my lifetime?

4)Given what you were sent to do concerning Sara, is it often Death Gods are sent out to do more than help people cross over?

Maxim: I am not allowed to discuss such things with someone like you.
Chris: *peeks head back in* He can’t discuss it because I doubt he’s ever had such an assignment before.  On occasion, we are sent to keep a person from going before their time, but it is rare and usually because there is something they’re destined to do later in life.

5)Have you ever not fulfilled or failed an assignment?

Maxim: Just who do you think you are talking to? If I had done that, I would have suffered the same fate as Christoph, banishment.

6)If you had one thing to do over, what would it be?

Maxim: Agreeing to do this insipid interview.

7)What is one thing from your past you’re most proud of?

Maxim: I do not discuss my past. Especially with the likes of you.

Let’s do some fun questions.

Maxim: Fun? Do I look like someone who is fun?

*Rolls eyes and continues* 8)Say you’re on an abandoned desert island and have three items, what would they be?

Maxim: Death Gods have powers you couldn’t even dream of.  I need nothing.
Marisol: You really are no fun. Can’t you just play along?
Maxim: I do not play, girl.
Marisol: Obviously…
Gabriel: Umm perhaps you shouldn’t provoke him, sister of mine.
Marisol: Fine. Fine. I’ll answer for him. 1)  He would need a summer version of that long black trench coat thingy. Leather would be hot and gross. 2) Sunglasses, of course. Besides, they make him look extra badass. 3) A kitten. It’ll give him a companion and maybe soften him up some!
Maxim: *growls* I do NOT need softening.

9)If you were caught dancing and singing in the shower, what song would be playing?

Maxim: *glares at Patty*
Jackson: Don’t Fear the Reaper!
Maxim: *glares at Jackson*
Aya: I don’t think he is the type for singing and dancing…
Gabriel: I agree.
Marisol: I bet he’s a Justin Bieber fan.
Jackson: *laughs* Baby. Baby. Baby. Oooh!
Maxim: I see you all have a death wish.

10)Name one guilty pleasure.

Maxim: The only thing I feel guilty about is the incident which earned me this…occupation.

Oooh, now I'm curious. *sighs* Too bad I have a feeling he won't dish, so might as well continue with the questions. 11)Let’s play favorites:
Pepsi or Coke? Maxim: I do not need to drink.
White or dark chocolate? Maxim: Nor consume food.
Playstation or Xbox or Wii? Maxim: I do not know what those are.
Paperback book or ebook? Maxim: Books are made of something other than paper?
Summer or winter? Maxim: Death and winter go well together.
Puppies or kittens? Maxim: *growls*
Vampires or werewolves? Maxim: Nonsense. All of it.

Marisol: See? No fun.
Aya: Let’s uhh move away from him Mari. Far. Far away.

12)So, what is next for you? I mean, aside from helping people cross over.

Maxim: I’m thinking some people here could use some punishing…

Aaaand that is all the questions I dare ask. Thanks for letting me grill you, Maxim. I suppose I can let you get back to… uh, work. Now, I am going to slowly back away before you cut my cord. I WANT TO LIVE! Thanks MB for stopping at my blog. You can find her lurking online at her Blog, Goodreads or Facebook. You can buy her debute novel, Near Death on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


  1. OOOoh that Maxim. He'd be cute if he wasn't so scary :D

    Thanks for having my rowdy cast of characters here for the day! We appreciate it and enjoyed the spotlight, even if we all got some looks that could kill...


    1. I'm just glad, Maxim kept his tempter and didn't kill us. ^_^