Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why I like Cheerleaders

OK, let me clarify. When I say cheerleader, I'm not talk about the perky teenagers jumping around at high school football games. Or Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. I'm talking about MY cheerleaders, and yes, I have some. I have about five, I think, and each one rocks.

You see, not that long ago I was struggling to write. I was trying to get the first draft of Being Vampire written and it just wasn't happening. I had writer's block and in a bad way with no idea how to get past it. Taking a break hadn't helped. All that accomplished was a few skull scarves - which isn't bad because they were sold and that's why I knit. Anyways, I was blocked and feeling quite hopeless.

Then, my friend, Lor, came up with a brilliant idea. She decided to start roll playing as one of my vampires on twitter. She would 'sit' outside my window while I wrote and ask questions that would make Tommy proud. It really got the words flowing.

But it wasn't just her, other friends jumped on the cheerleading bandwagon. My friends, Kat and Aija, were rooting for me. My bestie, Vic, when I said my writing was just me typing up stuff I had written long hand said words were words and that totally counted towards my word goal. My writing partner, MB - who I gushed about in this post - added her encouragement. Suddenly, I was surrounded by people rooting me on.

And it worked!

Being Vampire now sits at over 40K and I no longer fear I'll never get it written. My trusty cheerleaders are ready on standby with their pompoms... well, they're ready to tweet *\o/* when I need it. Because that's why I was struggling so much. There was no encouragement and that allowed my fears and insecurities to stand in my way and grind my writing to a standstill.

No more. *\o/*


  1. Ooooh everyone needs some cheering on and encouragement at times. See, we all know you're a good writer, we've seen it already and we want to see more. MOAR! :D

    We all stumble on occasion, those little niggling doubts popping up and keeping us from writing or editing or whatever. A loving gentle push just helps us get back on our feet...but if you're persistently sitting on your ass doing nothing, I may get a little bitchy and kick you rather than that gentle little push. Consider it a uhhh love tap :P

    1. Well, sometimes I do need kicks as opposed to gentle pushes. Although, occasionally I do have good reasons. ^^;;

  2. I told you it'd be a good idea! To be honest I love doing it. It's really fun to put your mindset into something like that. Soooo it's really for both of us I'm not going to lie.

    Tommy would be envious? Really? I should go ask him... -wonders off to find Tommy-

  3. Everyone needs someone in their corner! It's good that you've got that.