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Interview with Best Selling Author Vicktor Alexander... and His Characters

NOTE: Vic and I changed the give away up since it seems everyone has ebooks of his best sellers. Now, the give away will be for signed paperbacks of Unassumed, book 3 in the Tate Pack Series, Unthinkable, Inconceivable, and A Very Tate Christmas.

It's been a long time since I've done an author interview, so I figured it was time I introduced you to an author whose writing I quite enjoy. Of course, I may be a bit biased seeing how Vicktor Alexander is one of my besties. But he must be doing something right for his debut book, Unthinkable to hit number one on ARe's best seller list (Yes, I took a screen shot when it hit number one. I was proud.) with Inconceivable, book two in the Tate Pack Series making it to the list too. So let's jump into the interview and try to keep both our characters from hi-jacking it. (If you stick with us, there is a give away.) *Vicktor glares at me for bribing the readers and I smile innocently.* Just making sure they keep reading.

1)Naturally, my first question is how was the Tate pack created? What was the spark that gave way to their creation and lives?

Vicktor: Actually the Tate pack started when I was living in California, but it was totally different than how it started. At the opening of Unthinkable, Richard is saved by Vernon "Vet" from almost being hit by a truck. Originally that was the opening for another plot that I'd had about a dancer and the celebrity who'd saved his life. I'd started writing it while I lived in San Diego and then when I moved back to Florida I stopped writing it because where I lived, it wasn't really conducive to me writing M/M romance. I met some really awesome people (authors and readers) and before I knew it I was writing the book as a web story and instead of it being about a dancer and a celebrity it was about a dancer and a shape-shifting cowboy with triplets. And the whole plot for the story came about because I'd been teasing my friends about the different ways I was going to meet Shemar Moore and how the two of us would fall in love. Him saving my life was one of them. *Shakes head* I was very know a year ago.

Richard: Let's be got the idea because you have a very unhealthy obsession with cowboys.
Tommy: And crossdressers.....
Vicktor: Shut up you two.
Tommy: Oohh testy,'d think he was the boss of us or something.
Vicktor: *rolling eyes* I am. Besides, Richard don't you have some kids to take care of? And Tommy, don't you have some....clothes to try on.
Richard: Spoilsport.
Tommy: Fine! I'll leave, but know this, no one "created" me, I created myself. *Turns and walks off in a huff*
Vicktor: Sorry about that....where were we?

2)You've said before that you have about a million (98 I think was the number I last heard) story ideas aka flat puppies. What causes them? What inspires Vicktor Alexander?

 Vicktor: LOL. I don't have a million, although it's getting there. I have about 106 WIPs at last count. WIPs or Works In Progress, my lovely little flat puppies, come from all types of sources. I've always had a very overactive imagination, so I'll be talking to my fiance, Daniel A. Kaine (who's also an author) and he'll say something about his job and a coworker and next thing you know my imagination has created this coworker's backstory and I'm trying to figure out why he said what he did, what led him to that point and before I know it, I've got another book. Sometimes it can be something as simple as some stranger sitting in his car holding his cell phone out of the window while he looks into the window of a building, my brain comes up with three different stories just for why he's there and what's going on with him. I usually throw out two of the ideas because they're trash, but I keep the best one, the one that I know I can work with and write.

Then sometimes the characters show up because of some other couple that I see or hear about. My niece (whom I call Nieceling) is a constant source of inspiration for my WIPs and honestly I'll say stuff to Daniel all the time and it will spark some story idea. The biggest thing is the fact that I like to look around and see those subjects that people aren't talking about or the genres that haven't really been explored to their full potential and then I squeeze them all together. 

3)Is there any rhyme or reason to your writing? Do you plot a story out or are you a complete panster (like me) and let your characters take you anywhere?

Vicktor: I love to sit down and plan out my stories. I'm a planner. I need to know what's going to happen at all times. I definitely know that it's a control thing. So I sit down and I map out how the book starts and how it ends and then some major thing that happens in the middle and then I start filling in the gaps. Then I start writing. Then the characters come along and completely change the story plan and make it what they want. Tommy is the worst one about that. He has changed almost every book that I've written or started writing of the Tate Pack series.

Tommy: You mean that I've made them completely better and way more interesting. Without me we'd all be walking around shot up and scarred and wounded, because you're an evil, sadistic bastard and you like putting us in dangerous situations. The only reason I can't influence The Passion's Hero series is because it's in the future. But you bet your sweet ass that if I could I'd be up there making everything in space and on those other planets much more beautiful.

Vicktor: Tommy. Seriously? You have added books to the Tate Pack that I NEVER intended to write. I mean, c'mon, you're adding mates, children, shorts, as if I don't have enough to write.

Tommy: You're welcome.

4)Let's play the favorite game! My favorite character so far is Tommy -- *pauses* Hold up. *runs over to her Tommy.* Why are you here?
Tommy: You said my name.
You're not the only one in the world named Tommy. *I point at Vicktor's Tommy as proof.*
*Tommy looks at the other Tommy* But how does a human know who they are talking to then?
*I roll my eyes* You are so clueless. MACKENZIE! Will you please keep an eye on your uncle at all times?
*Mackenzie leads Tommy away while he asks why he needs to be watched all the time.*
*I turn back to Vic.* Sorry about that. For efficient survivors my vampires are incredibly clueless. Where were we? Oh yes, my favorite character so far is Tommy. He has such spunk, I love him! Plus, you have to admire a guy who knows how to put make up on. Make up always eludes me. LOL *evil grin* Who is your favorite character out of any of your stories?

Vicktor: I will completely deny this under threat of torture, but I love Tommy as well. It's hard for me to choose just one of my characters that is my favorite though. They all have such a uniqueness to them that it makes me love them all differently. Maurice from "Untouchable" which is the last "novel" of the Tate Pack series (so far) is the one that is very close to my heart and I think that's because of the friend who really helped to inspire him. Tyler, from "Daddy's Boy" is another character that is so emotionally attached to me. Roman, from the "Damien & Roman" series is loosely based on me so he's another character that I love. I would say that my absolute favorites though are Tommy from the Tate Pack series, Tuvarion from the Passion's Hero series (he and Tommy would be best friends if they ever met), Micah from cUm: Chance, Utopia & Micah, and Amorien from the book Agean Tasks.

Tommy: I knew you loved me
Maurice: Yeah, but I'm close to his heart.
Micah: I honestly think that no one's as close to his heart as Daniel
Tuvarion: That's what you think. Vicktor is totally in love with me
Roman: You're all delusional.
Tyler: He is always whispering to me and calling me his baby and talking sweetly to me.
Amorien: He does that to me too.
Reggie: Look, you're all wrong, Vic is in love with me, period, end of story.
Tommy: Where'd you come from? *looks around* Who let in the fireman?
Kent: Reggie! Leave the kids alone and come home with me
Micah: Ooohh, it's a cowboy.
Tommy: Oh please, I'm surrounded by gorgeous cowboys all the time. He's nothing new.
Howell: I'm so telling Ton what you just said Tommy *runs off to tell*
Tommy: Howl! Don't. You. Dare! *Chases Howell*
Ethan: Those two need serious help.
Tyler: Ethan! What are you doing here?
Ethan: Taking you home *Tosses Tyler over shoulder and walks out*

Vicktor: They're all crazy and insane....makes no sense at all.
 *I snicker* Hey, they all live in your head. What's that say about you?

5)Back to a serious question. Your book Unthinkable climbed the best seller list at ARe and is now number one. What about your writing do you think speaks to readers? (Oh yeah, I am totally going here. Love you, Vic <3)

Vicktor: Jeez...I have no idea. LOL. I've been asking this question of everyone. Apparently, my writing touches people and makes them happy, I put real life situations out there and my writing style is one that it's very easy for the reader to "see" what's happening. *Sighs* I honestly don't know. All I know is that when I'm writing, I see my characters, I feel their emotions, I hear their thoughts and I want the reader to feel it. I want them to feel the crazed panic that Richard goes into at the prospect of being a father. I want them to feel Tommy's pain when he's attacked and his fear afterwards. I want them to identify with Tyler's frantic need to be financially secure. I think it's because I'm not trying to appeal to the reader's mind. While that's fascinating, the human brain, the reader's love for entertainment isn't what I'm seeking, I want to touch their hearts. That's what I'm after. I want my writing to touch their hearts and their lives and to maybe change them, even if all it does is changes their bad day to a good one.  

6)This one is for your characters, Vet and Richard. How are you two handling the success of being the main characters in a best selling novel? Any screaming fans stalking you? Do people treat you differently when they find out? When can we expect you to be on the cover on Entertainment Weekly? ^_~

Vet: I got a letter from a woman asking if she could babysit. That was weird.
Richard: You know, when Vic asked us about telling our story, we were all for it. We didn't really think that many people would be interested in a story about a New Yorker and a Texas cowboy falling in love, but when Vic told us about being on the best seller list, we were extremely surprised and flattered. When we hit #1, we were floored. Then that's when we started getting offers to babysit the triplets, people asking if they could come out and visit the ranch. I mean, we were extremely blown away. It's a little daunting.
Vet: I ain't sure what that means, it's crazy is what it is. I had to throw one of them STAR magazine reporters off the property the other day. He was asking me questions about being a shifter. We didn't want everyone to know all about that and you know, it's sort of creepy when you drive off the property and there's a group of teenage girls wearing shirts with the words Team Vet or Team Richard on their shirts.
Richard: There are way more Team Richards than Team Vet shirts though. And the girls are cute....sort of.
Vet: *stares at Richard before looking away* Those Entertainment people asked me for an interview, but I told them no.
Richard: They did? Why didn't you tell me?
Vet: Because we ain't about to be the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of the gay community. 'Sides....they wanted me to wear a tuxedo and that wasn't about to happen at all.
Richard: Face it you're going to wear a tuxedo one day soon, especially with the ceremony for Maurice and Calvin coming up soon......ooppss, I mean...I didn't mean to say that! Oh please, PLEASE don't let Vic know that I let that slip out.
Vet: *stands up quickly and grabs Richard's hand and pulls him towards the door* Interview over Patty. Sorry. 

7)Last question. Any thoughts about your future plans?

Vicktor: I am ALWAYS thinking about future plans. This next year is going to be very busy for me. I've got a few life-changing events about to happen, I'm going to be spending as much time as possible with my fiance' Daniel, I've got a ton of books to a lot. My plans are to have at the very least, 6 full length novels published by the end of the year. I also plan to have a very special ceremony in October and I plan to attend the GayRomLit retreat in October as an author and I'll be going to England for the summer and then again for Christmas/New Year. The summer to be with Daniel and then the two of us are going to spend the holidays with my dad. So lots of plans, lots of things ahead. As a matter of fact, I've got to get back to writing. Thanks for the interview Patty, but Talon and Blazell are demanding that I finish writing their story, Passion's Hero: The Alpha King. *Rushes off to write*

Aaaaaand that is it, ladies and gentlemen. It's a good thing I only had seven questions. LOL Thanks so much for letting me grill you, Vic. (I suppose I can unlock the closet I shoved Daniel in so he wouldn't distract you during your interview. Hopefully, he spent the time productively working on his own stories.) *Pauses* Oh crap. Umm, Vic, I lost the key to the closet.

*Daniel pounds on the door.* There better be chocolate waiting for me when I get out.
*I look at Vic.* I'll let you go to his rescue since you're going to marry him.
*Vicktor heads off to free Daniel in a knight in shining armor manner.*

If you've stayed with the interview this far, congrats because now we are at the goodstuff. Vicktor has also agreed to give away an signed paperbacks of the next book in the Tate Pack series, Unassumed, Unthinkable, Inconceivable, and A Very Tate Christmas to one lucky commenter. I must warn you though, the give away is for 18+ only. Vicktor likes his writing to be full of cheese, romance and sex. Give away is open to anyone over 18 and anywhere in the world, and ends January 20th. Leave your email in the comment (along with stating you're over 18) so winner can be contacted. Winner will be chosen randomly.

Vicktor can be found lurking the internet at, on twitter @VVeeB and on Goodreads.

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    JM, thanks for commenting. I'm kind of worried that there will be no one to win the give away because all the people I know have his books too! LOL

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    2. Yeah, I know. I guess I'm just trusting people to be honest. ^^

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