Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to work to before the world ends

It's been a little less than a month since I declared I was going to take a break. It wasn't a complete break. I still talked to friends on twitter and replied to comments on the blog. I also scheduled a bunch of tweets to keep up on book promotion. I was here, just not as involved, not letting myself worry about keeping up.

And it was so nice! Instantly, I felt more relaxed. One less worry. I think part of the problem was it was the holidays and I was fretting over getting gifts with my limited money while thinking "If I could just sell this many more books, I can get this present." Very stressful. Especially when I have friends excitedly telling me how their sales are doing and mine are limping along. It didn't help my stress levels that I am not a holiday person. I love decorating for the holidays, but once that is done, I could care less about anything else. Best part of New Years Eve was when it was over! I was busy though, knitting up a storm.

I made these three hats.

This glow in the dark skull scarf along with a pink one for my friend, Kat.

A waterfall fringe scarf.

This wave scarf and I'm halfway done with another one of these but in blue, purple and pink.

I also made a wrist cuff for a friend. It had a special saying on it and he needs to snap a picture of him wearing it for me. *glares* But now it is the new year and it's time to get back to work. At some point I decided I wasn't going to do anymore writing until the new year. I had done a little, but got stumped when I realized a part I wrote earlier needed to come later. This wouldn't be a problem except I was writing long hand and I wasn't going to tear out the pages and make a mess trying to get everything in order. So, I'm going to start typing out Being Vampire. I'm also beta reading Tears of A Clown for MaryBeth. (I have a huge crush on Jazz. Love her!) MaryBeth is also beta reading a short story for me called Fixing Ben. (Not to mention all my other stories that need editing and shining as well as covers. One thing at a time thought!)

Here's to 2012 and that I get all my stories written and published... or at least the first drafts before the world ends. ;)


  1. Ooo, I'm impressed by your hats. I really can only make scarfs (which are no where near as cool as yours), but I did sew my Dad a snuggie this year. By hand, because I'm such a sewing machine noob.

    But yes, here's to the new year and all the success it'll (hopefully) bring!

  2. Thanks, Gwen. It's only recently I started trying to knit patterns like the skull scarf. I've never had the patience for sewing. I have a sewing machine, but never use it. ^^;;

  3. That's a lot of knitting. I could never get the hang of it. Happy New Year.

  4. I can't knit at all... but I do like that skull scarf!