Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for a Zombie Contest

Contest is over! Corinne you've been chose. I tweeted you. Thanks everyone else for commenting and helping me close out the challenge. It was a blast.

Well it's the end of the challenge and I made it. I hadn't been sure. A post every day and the theme letters from the alphabet? Yeah, I was worried I may stumble on a few letters. I didn't. Thanks to my abundance of stories and desire to practice query writing, a little inspiration and some insanity I got every letter.

Now it's the last letter: Z. I was going to have a guest poster but unfortunately those plans fell through and leaving me improvising. Maybe I should talk about zombies at some point. That way this last post is somewhat on topic. I don't really have much to say on the subject. I've read a few zombie books - ones were the zombies were decaying monsters and others were they were simply reanimated corpses with thoughts and feelings. Melissa, who was supposed to be my guest, has been writing a fun little online story featuring zombies. Muhhhh, A Zombie Love story. It has a nice little twist on the genre.

Anyways, thanks for hanging in with me through this challenge. I made a few new friends and found some new blogs to read. For all your patience in sticking by my side I have a contest; all you have to do is comment to enter. Doesn't matter where you live either, I'll ship the prize anywhere.

Up for grabs is World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks. Contest will be open until May 7th. Thanks again for hanging with me this month. It was a blast and I'll be sure to do it again next year (granted someone remind me.)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Y is for Patty with a Y

I swear it was like lightening. The inspiration for this post struck and I must write it! Although... I'm not too sure what exactly I intend to ramble on about this topic besides the fact I get slightly irritated when people assume my name ends in an I. (Chris do NOT even think about tormenting me about it. You give me enough hell with Daeva.)

I'm not even sure why it matters. I am used to people butchering my maiden name: Beaudin. The most common misspelling for that it Bodin. Next comes Beaudoin which isn't far off because there are people who spell it that way. Not my family though but it does make us wonder if there is some distant relation to those Beaudoins.

Maybe it's because it's my name. Names can be special to us. We can be proud of the heritage behind our names or the meaning. I have no idea the meaning behind my name; never looked it up. It's my name though and that makes it special to me.

There are some downsides to my name. I am not a big fan of Peppermint Patty from Peanuts and dislike being called that. Cow Patty is also not appreciated. Patty Cake, Fish Patty, Hamburger Patty, references to St. Patrick's Day, just about anything you can tack Patty onto I'd rather you wouldn't.

X is for X you sux

I thought long and hard about this post... well, maybe not that hard. But I gave it a bit of thought. Even my hubby tried to help out by searching for words that start with X. There were a few obvious ideas. X marks the spot, X-men, Xena and my favorite XXX is for sex! I also tried to think up another flash fiction story but nothing came to mind.

The problem with the letter X is it always comes after E on any decent word. If I wanted to I could knock the E off. Like XTREME! or XTRA! (Knocking the E off makes the word much more cool so you have to emphasis the cool with all caps. Trust me on this.)

It's so sad. My list of ideas for this letter near the end of the alphabet was short. My muse abandoned me when I asked what she thought I should write about (Yes my muse is female. Would you rather she be a guy? That might be a little strange in my opinion.)

My end conclusion is X sucks and I mean SUX! Why do we even have this letter? Can't we use another letter in it's place? But then we wouldn't be able to to kisses and hugs - xoxo - and that right there folks, would be a tragedy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

W is not for Waggle

This post should have been on one of my stories but my query muse has died on me and it might take some time to revive her. Fear not I still have a W post in mind. One that is sure to enlighten or at least entertain. Let's begin.

Waggle. You can waggle your eyebrows. You can waggled you toes in your socks. You can waggled your tongue of fingers in the air. But please, whatever you do, do not waggle anything during sex!


Here's the deal. I love Kerrelyn Sparks. Her Love at Stake series tickles my funnybone and along with encouraging my love of vampires. When she releases a book I buy it. Her latest is called Vampire Mine. It was a fun read with light and funny moments along with some nice romance. But all that came grinding to a halt when during a sex scene the male character waggled his finger around certain female parts.

Monday, April 25, 2011

V is for Vampire Slayers

I like vampires. No doubt about that. It's all you need to say to get my attention. "Hey Patty, Vampires!" I have never read a vampire book I didn't like. Yes, that includes Twilight. In fact Twilight got me back into reading. I saw a poster for the movie and thought, "Hm, that looks like a vampire." I went home and looked up and sure enough. Vampires! Sparkling vampire but still they sucked blood and that's good enough for me. There is only one thing with vampires in it that I didn't like. It was the movie BloodRayne and it was just awful. The sequel was actually better - not much but it was an improvement.

But there is one thing I do like more than vampires and that's vampire slayers. Yup the people (mainly guys) who hunt down the vampires. Pop a vampire slayer in the book I'm reading and I have a new favorite character.

I have no idea what it is about vampire slayers that gets me right in the heart. Maybe it's the odds they are up against. Vampires are supposed  to be faster and stronger yet slayers can get the best of a vampire. Or tragic past. They are avenging lost loved ones. Whatever the reason I get weak in the knees when the vampire slayer walks into the scene. So who do you root for? The vampires or the slayers?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

U is for Unknown

Flashes erupted before my eyes leaving spots in my vision. A high pitch sound wailed in the background and the ground vibrated with footsteps. A warm hand gripped the back of my head, holding the source of the flashes. A face hovered behind the flashlight. Lips moved, each syllable slowly formed but quickly picked up speed.

"Can you hear me? Sir? Sir, can you hear me? Can you tell me your name?"


My eyelids fluttered and I rolled over. Metal clinked together, my restraints preventing me from moving far. I slumped back and I finished blinking away the sleep. My room was cast in darkness all the color drained away by the light of the moon shining through the window. I grumbled, annoyed my medication wore off again.

Gaze darting to the door, I strained my ears to listen. Footsteps echoed down the hall, growing fainter as the orderly made his rounds. Satisfied I wouldn't be discovered, I stretched, fingers groping under the mattress until I found the stash of pills I swapped with another patient. They stuck in my throat as I forced them down.

Friday, April 22, 2011

T is for Titles

What is it about titles? I honestly don't know. What I do know is the idea of titles torment me. I can't sit down, look at my writing and come up with a list of titles. I can't even come up with bad titles. Any titles I have were pure inspiration.

Being Human.
Leaves of Fall.
Forever Ebony.

All stumbled upon by luck. I was writing, saw a word and realized it'd fit the story. I think those are the lucky stories. I'm still waiting for the right word to pop out for JJ's story. Or Zack's. Or Caleb's. Or Alex's. Their stories are all sitting with no titles. Their names are the titles right now or a feature of the story. I'm especially interested in naming JJ's story. His is a story I want to pursue more. I want it told. Everyone else, they have to cross their fingers and then they will need some major rewrites, editing and beta reads.

Titles are one of the first things a reader sees when they look at a book. It's how the reader tells a friend about a story. "I read this book called Twilight and it was amazing!" (Twilight haters, shush. I wanted a title everyone knows and you can't deny that the majority of people know of the Twilight series.) If the title interests the friend, he or she asks more, puts the title away in their mind for pursuing later. A title means everything to a story, the gateway into a new world.

Hm, I feel like this post should have more... Maybe some questions. I know! (I'll bold it to ensure you read this part. It's in bold that must mean it's important... Sorry, I'm getting tired and that makes me a little loopy.) 

How do you think up titles? What titles click with you? Made you want to pick up the book and read? What's the craziest title you've seen? Don't be shy, I want to know.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

S is for Silence

Silence. In a world that never shut up, in a city that never slept, he was punished to silence. Punished for a truth that was called a lie. The pain forever branded in his memory.

There had been a girl. With sparkles in her eyes and flowers in her hair. She beckoned with a dainty finger pressed to her lush lips. He followed without a thought, smitten by the red in her cheeks. He was sure he found heaven. Only heaven turned into hell with the bang of a door thrown open.

"What are you doing?"

"Daddy help! I said no!"

"What? You said you loved me! That it was okay!"

"I could never love you."

With a few well placed words the girl that had his heart crushed it. The punishment was severe. Banishment. But before they cast him out of the life he knew, they cut out his tongue for the truth they heard as lie.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

R is for Rules (Breaking them)

It's funny. I hear a lot about rules in writing. It ranges from using twitter as a writer. Tweet five times a day, retweet a certain number of articles, find other writers and reply to their tweets. Then there's the rules for a blog. Keep a regular schedule, reply to comments and don't forget to comment on other blogs. Finally there's rules for your writing. Show don't tell, use adverbs sparingly and write for yourself first then edit for your audience. Through it all you are reminded about the rules of being a professional. Don't waste time tweeting about personal matters, don't rant about a bad review, look at criticism as nothing more than a way to improve.

Rules, it's all about rules. Do this or do that. Don't forget this important rule. It's all thrown in your face and you're expected to follow the rules to a T. But then they throw a curve ball and tell you this.

It's okay to break the rules.

This is the point where your forehead meets the desk with a loud crack. Jeez, what do you want of me? Follow the rules or break them? The reply is this: Only break the rules sometimes and if you know what rule you're breaking. Now I'm scared of unknown rules I might be breaking. My piece of mind is slowly shrinking into oblivion.

Honestly, I'm starting not to care. Rules-shmules. I'm tired of being bombarded with conflicting ideas about rules. It was the exact same way with advice. Everyone yelling and what I'm hearing is completely contradictory. Maybe I'll approach rules the same way. Listen then decide what ones I want to listen to. I don't want to just tweet about writing. There are other things in my life. And on my blog? There will be rants, oh yes. Not bad rants, just a little bemoaning now and then when I feel upset and need a pick-me-up from my readers. As for my writing... I'm clueless about what rules to keep or break. I think I'll just write and let the chips fall. I'm not a perfect person and I wouldn't mind letting my readers in on that fact.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Q is not for Quitting

Quitting. I think this is another contradictory piece of advice I have heard in the writing community. Never give up! Keep writing! Keep submitting that query. And yet I have heard agents say if you keep getting rejected on your query maybe you should move onto the next story. Quit and focus on another.

Yeah, I think you get where I see a bit of contradiction.

Let me ask this: Do you have any idea how many famous authors have been rejected countless times? Steven King? JK Rowling? The Chicken Soup for the Soul books were rejected over a hundred times if I remember correctly!

Are you reconsidering giving up still? I hope so. Maybe the reject slips are piling up, maybe you're getting disheartened but you're not the first and you won't be the last to be rejected. I think that's reason enough to keep trucking. You believe in your story, love it and have slaved over it to make it shiny. Things change over time and one day you might receive that yes.

Then all those no's are suddenly worth it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

P is for Passion Fruit

I was a little torn on what to do my P post about. I have three ideas. First was a post on myself. Branch out and tell a little more about me. What I like to do, my jewelry making and other hobbies. Second was pet writing peeves. I have this quirk about chapter lengths. They have to be nearly the same length and if I'm switching perspectives I have to be consistent. Third ties into number two because it's a query for another story. Right now on that story my chapter lengths and POV perspectives are out of whack. It is driving me BONKERS!

But I wasn't sure I wanted to talk about myself. It just seemed self-serving. Pet writing peeves... it just felt like I was being bitchy. And the query... Gah, I've worn myself out on queries. The story I would write a query, Path of Angels, is a four part story - short stories. And I mean short. Think 20K words (and you should know short for me usually means 50K.) That means what I need to do is write a query for each part.

So I have three P topics and each one I don't feel like writing about any of them. So what should I talk about? Hmm... there's a word in my searchbar: Passion Fruit.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

O is for Overlord Award

Rainy was gracious enough to award me the Overlord Award. It's a new one let loose in the sea of blog awards floating on the waves of the internet. I am quiet honored to be one of the first ones to receive it. I feel like I'm helping pave a brave new path... Okay, maybe that's a bit over dramatic. It's still cool though. Thank you Rainy. (Yes I did just link to her blog twice. Is that something I shouldn't do? I don't know.)

Here are the rules:
  • Post the award and the rules on your blog.
  • List 3 things you would change if you were overlord.
  • List 10 blogs you think are worthy of world domination.
  • Leave them a message in their comment sections with a link saying you chose them.

Friday, April 15, 2011

N is for Noon

What was noon?

The obvious answer is it's a time of day. The sun hangs directly above, casting the world in a warm glow. If it's a cloudless day that is.

But to me, noon is different. Noon is a mystery, one that dangles out of my reach on the other side of wall. Pressing against the wall of my home I can only imagine what its warmth feels like. How does it feel to tips one's face up, letting the rays caress you skin? After a while does it start to hurt? Sunburns hurt I'm told, skin scorched red over a long amount of time but not until later is the pain noticed.

How lucky.

It is a wish that a sunburn is the only damage sun would cause me. If that was the case I'd spend every day in the sun, sprawled on the warm, green grass. Special care would be made so every day my time in the sun would be at noon as well. I would pretend I was flower, soaking up the rays and being satisfied.

Alas, that is an impossibility. The moon is the only orb in the sky I can lay under. But the cold rays of the moon isn't the same - even if the light shining is reflected from the sun. Still, I close my eyes and pretend. I pretend I feel heat. I pretend I feel my skin slowly darken to a tan and beyond to a red burn. I pretend I can be part of the day world, enjoying the sun instead of the creature bound to night and blood.

Sometimes, if I'm very, very lucky and the world falls silent as the dead, I can believe it's noon.

M is for Mythical

Yup, another query. I have a lot of stories but I'm getting to the end. Four more stories that need queries then I have to figure out the rest of the alphabet. Hm, I have no N post yet and no idea for one. Help?

Back to the query. I like this story, it was fun to write and will be interesting to edit. Skimming through it I see a lot of chapters that can be cut. It's written first person switching to other characters in third. I thought about going third completely but there's a part in the middle that I switch to third that puts emphasis on the main character's journey. Like Leaves of Fall, Mythical was inspired by another story I read at the time, the Maximum Ride series. I forget what book I finished when an idea popped in my head. What if the scientist tried to make mythical creatures? Vampires, werewolves and fairies. I started writing it.

I am not your average vampire. In fact I'm not even a real vampire. I wasn't bitten with all my blood drained then given the blood of my sire to turn. I was created in a lab and when I say created I mean born. I'm human but a vampire.

Drake's whole life has been lived in a lab. Genetically altered with DNA from a vampire bat he can only dream of a normal life. Mental programming to think like a blood thirsty vampire doesn't help his situation. The slightest hint of blood can send him into a frenzy that put not only the scientists around him at risk but the other subjects as well.

Hey look a wall! I'm not sure where to go, what the plot is exactly. Agents would say go back and look at the story, pin point the plot. They might even ask is there a plot. Which is why I'm stumbling on the query. I might not be able to finish it until after I go back and edit, flesh out the plot and eliminate holes.

I know my queries aren't perfect but each one provides me with valuable information about my stories. I need to be able to pin point my plots and summarize it in four hundred words or less. I also need to make it interesting, hooking the reader and reeling him or her in. Each attempt - whether it's a rewrite of a query or the first one - helps me hone this important skill, improves my ability to write or at least pin point my writing flaws. We all cringe at the word query but as terrifying as they are, queries are something every writer should face and beat.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

L is for Leaves of Fall

This is one of the stories that not only has a title but the first draft is finished too! I even started doing an edit before another story pushed it out of the way. It's a dystopian story inspired by the book Bones of Faerie. It follows a formula that I've been seeing a lot. I'll call it the Twilight formula. Which is girl meets boy with secret. Girl discovers secret but sticks with boy even though secret is a danger to her. There's usually a romance aspect to this formula but I left that out of my story. A lot of my stories have romance in them and I wanted to try a story without. It also lacks vampires. Shocking I know.

The first time the trees moved there was awe... then horror.

Armory or Re has lived her whole life in fear of the trees. Born during the war between humanity and the trees she's never see a forest of trees or walked in a park.

Kidnapped from the only life she's know by bandits, Re is certain she'll never see her mother or tribe again. When trees attack the bandits' camp, Re and little girl named Miracle are rescued by Mape, a pale skinned boy. Mape promises he can help get them both to Re's tribe. The journey across open land is dangerous. Other tribe hide in the broken cities, wary of outsiders. 

When a tribe in Cleveland opens fires and Mape is injuried Re learns the truth about him. He's a tree, learning to use the energy absorbed from the sun to guise himself as human. Mape regrets his role in the war, hoping by helping Re get home he can prove not all trees want the war to continue. Slowly Re learns to trust Mape, learning there is more to trees than she was led to believe. Will others listen to them or is the damage done? Man and nature never able to trust each other again? None of that may matter if Mape can't get Re home.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

K is for Killer

I do have a story that starts with a K but honestly, I need a break from queries. Plus I don't know how to describe the story so I'm just going to slack off and not do. Instead I'm going to talk about a topic I highly enjoy.

Serial Killers.

By definition a serial killer is a person who kills at least three people with a 'cooling off' period between kills. A cooling off period can last anywhere from days to months to years. A person who goes on a killing rampage is not a serial killer. They are a spree killer and usually ends with the suspect's death. Just wanted to clear that up.

Personally I find serial killers fascinating. The events that make up their lives can be so tragic. We wonder how could we not know? But that's the thing. Serial killers are actors. They are average looking people with families and hobbies. But beneath the mild personalities are some messed up people.

What got me started on serial killers was the movie From Hell. It was about Jack the Ripper and focused on one of the conspiracy theories on who he was. (It also had Johnny Depp in it.) Curious to know more I googled it and found the Crime Library. Wow. There are a lot of serial killers. Despite how scary serial killers are, experts agree you have as much chance being a plane crash then being a victim of a serial killer.

Interesting fact: Ted Bundy targeted young women with brown hair parted down the middle.

Monday, April 11, 2011

J is for JJ needs a title for his story

I need a title for this story. It's one I have plans on publishing at some point in the future. That kind of makes a tittle a must. Other stories I can let sit with no titles. Their fate is unknown. Not this story. This also means my query has to be good. Another road block. I'm a little stumped about what to write for the query. I have a first line for the query but after that it fades off.

I'm not completely stumped though. I could start off with a synopsis of the story. Get it summarized and then start hacking away. It's advice I've seen recommended when trying to write a query. Not a bad idea, after all agents and publishers do request synopsis so those are good to know how to do as well.

Enough babbling and putting off the query. Let's give this a shot. Feel free to throw out ideas. Writers thrive on constructive criticism and advice. We like getting it. It makes us squee and jump back into writing with renewed vigor.

JJ has a secret, he's not like the other boys.

Joshua Jackson, JJ to his friends and family, has been living with a secret. He's gay. Tired of keeping his secret, JJ's desperate to figure out how to tell his friends, classmates and most importantly his parents. Not as easy as it sounds when the outcome is unknown.

A nighttime encounter with Cage, a three hundred plus year old vampire, JJ finds the courage he needs. With Cage by his side JJ comes out to his friends and classmates. But when his revelation to his parents go as wrong as it can JJ runs. Wanting to leave everything human behind he asks Cage to turn him.

But the vampire world isn't without its dangers and secrets. A vampire from Cage's past is bent on getting revenge against Cage for causing the death of one of his pack. Brock will stop at nothing to punish Cage, focusing on JJ to push Cage back into the cold grip of hunger and leaving JJ alone.

JJ's tired of hiding and running. He's had enough of secrets. Alone, JJ faces Brock one last time. Is he strong enough to beat the vampire pack leader without Cage? Failure means not only his own death but the deaths of the ones he loves and Cage stuck in hunger. Forever.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I is for I don't know what I'm doing

*Note: Yesterday I thought I didn't have an I post. Turns out I did. Hooray for me! Now back to the post.*

I think the title says it all. Sometimes I have no clue what I'm doing. Honestly, I make things up as I go. Especially in writing. Ninety percent of the time I really have no idea how my story is going to end. There have been times I don't even have villains. I have the characters meet and that's about it.

I am a panster through and through.

It makes life interesting. Should have recorded April 1st when my husband, parents, little sister and two best friends (plus the one's boyfriend) went down to the courthouse to get married. It was chaos. But oh so much fun! I have friends ask me what are my plans for the week. I say, "I dunno, I don't even know what I'm doing today." Will I write? Read? Goof off on twitter? Any one is a possibility.

There is a downside to not thinking things through. When that needs to be done, life can get pretty stressful. What if we show up to such-and-such place and no one is there? What if I can't get in for an appointment last minute? Yes, sometimes planning and plotting are very much needed.

Friday, April 8, 2011

H is for How

How do you plan on keeping up with the challenge?

I have twitter friends doing the challenge so commenting on them is easy. #atozchallenge is the hashtag to link up to people doing the challenge but not everyone will use it. I found a few people started following me and by viewing their twitter profile I see their blog for the challenge and that has led to a few comments. Then of course there's going through the list of over 900 participants on Arlee Bird's blog. Not to mention facebook, my space and all the other social networking sites people will surely post their blogs to!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

G is not for Gay Literature

I must admit, lately I feel like I've found a cause I want to get on a soapbox for. It wasn't intentional, just a strong feeling when I explored my emotions on the subject. It has to do with gay characters in books.

If you've read my past posts, you'd find I have nothing against gay characters. Bring them on, I say. Hey, I'll even write a few of my own. And I have and those stories have been a blast to write. But through it all, a thought has wondered. What will happen if I pursue publishing those stories?

The biggest tragedy would be someone would ask me to change my characters to make any relationships hetero. That's not happening. Nope, I'd turn down the money (mind you I would wince but as of right now I'm sticking to the idea that I would say no deal.) What if my story did get picked up to be published? Where would it go, what shelf would it occupy?

My friend Chris said something that struck a cord with me. (He also said I made him feel all warm and tingly. A first for him I bet... Okay, something I said made him all happy but I'm still counting it because I said it. =P) He said he hated the term gay literature. I had to agree. Any story I've written that has a gay character isn't a gay story. It's a story with gay characters and when you view it like that you might agree that gay literature is wrong. We don't say a story with male and female leads is hetero literature. Nope, we say it's a paranormal romance of young adult.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

F is for Fin's Query

This is what? Query number four I believe and there was a bit of a debate. I have two stories that begin with the letter F. Do I pick one or do both? I decided on one since A)Give me a break, queries are tough! and B) Fin's story is more developed than Felix's. Plus Fin is the title of the story! Yes I do have stories with titles! (Can you say T post anyone?)

Before I get to the query, let me tell you a little about the inspiration for Fin. I got the idea after watching Waterworld and skimming through Forgive My Fins - cute book but five pages in I figured out the ending and that just killed it for me. Anyways, I thought wouldn't a merperson story be fun but I didn't want to do the fish tail. What that means is Fin has legs but he also has webbed feet and hands. And little claws to dig because his race is vegetarian. The claws do serve another purpose for defense. Fin's story is far from done but more so than Felix's, hence why I'm going with a query for him.

The tricky thing with Fin is trying to describe the human world through eyes that have never seen it. What would a computer look like to a guy who lives underwater? Or scuba equipment? It's an alien world to my main character but not to me. The story is a challenge in that way and the first draft is definitely stumbling along. Anyways, here's what I have so far on Fin's query.

They come from the land. They take us, mutilate us then toss us back broken. Sometimes, the ones they take never return.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

E is not for eBooks

I wonder how many writers are doing their E post on ebooks. Can you blame them? Ebooks are revolutionizing the publishing world. With one click you can buy a book and start reading it. Without leaving your home! I own two ebook readers... well, my husband does. He'd probably own three if he got to touch a Kindle. He's a techie like that.

Enough about ebooks though. I don't want to talk about them. I was going to make it about books, you know the kind made out of dead trees but that's probably been done a ton of times during the B post. Both topics have been covered thoroughly.

So what should my E post be about? I've established what it's not about. What about everything? Can I do that? Make my E post about everything? Everything starts with an E so why not?

Let's talk about everything. Say anything you want, comment on anything you want. Did you eat a tasty cookie today? Tell us about it. (Yes, if you really want to recount your weird sex dream you can. Just watch your language, this is a PG blog.) Want to talk about emus and ewoks and their ability to mate? (You can thank my husband for that question.) Take a trip somewhere? Learn something new? Go for it. Nothing is off limits. We're talking everything after all.

Monday, April 4, 2011

D is for Damon's Soul Query

This is another early story, one that has a possible title. It is also a four part story. I'm in the process of rewriting it, all four parts done but the last two parts jump from character's head to head and although I'm not confused, any readers might be. Funny thing though, my rewrites went a lot faster when I used paper and pen instead of my computer. I have to admit, I haven't rewritten much lately. Distracted by other writing projects.

I think I have a bad habit of project jumping.

And look! Four queries for the price of one! I'll be glad for tomorrow when my E post gives me (and you) a break from the dreaded query.

Damon's Soul
Damon has a problem. Attacked by a creature, wings and horns have sprouted, turning him into a monster. His solution to the transformation: Run away... or more accurately, fly away. His flight takes him to the sprawling city of New York City and to a rooftop a battered girl being attacked by a human twice her size. The only name she gives him is Jade, refusing to reveal details of her past. But she knows what happened to him because she's been infected by a demon as well. With Jade's help, Damon binds the demon, struggling to survive with the infection. When Jade's infection spins out of control Damon knows the only way to save her is to let his free.

Saved by the very thing she hates, Jade struggled with Damon's presence. He isn't like the other demons she's encountered. His actions aren't ruled by the emotions surrounding him and he insists he's been a demon all along. But she owes her freedom from her demon infection to him and she can't deny the feelings growing for him. When her past resurfaces, Jade's feelings are torn. Does she stay with the angels and resume the fight against the demons that killed her family? Or go back to the demon unlike any she's ever met and loves.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

C is for Caleb's Query

The story for the query you are about to read is one of my first ones ever written. I scanned through it, brushing up on the story for this post. Man, I have a huge plot hole in it! I still enjoy the story and maybe one day I'll put it through rewrites or come up with a title for it! I'm horrible at titles. Maybe that should be my T post. This is also my first attempt at writing a query for this story which I've learned is equivalent with being awful. Writing the story is easy, writing the query is hard!

All Caleb wants is acceptance. 

Left alone in a dark alley covered in his mother's blood Caleb is discovered by a nun and kind priest. Taken in at the Sacred Heart Orphanage Caleb struggles to understand himself. He knows he's not like the other children. Thirst burns in his throat and a desire to sink his teeth into the other children fills his thoughts. Eventually he discovers his true nature, that of a vampire.

When Lauren, her twin brother Danny and their little sister Lee arrive at the orphanage, Caleb can't keep his eyes off her. He's intrigued by the smell and sight of her, curious about the mystery surrounding their parents deaths that has all the marks of a vampire attack. Despite discovering what Caleb is, Lauren feels drawn to him and their relationship blooms.

Forced to leave his home and Lauren behind, Caleb is hunted by his own kind. Their reason for wanting him destroyed: You were born. Only when he meets other vampires, one claiming to be born like he was does he learn about the vampire world. Any vampire born is hunted down and destroyed and his new friends have been running all their lives. The race to stay one step ahead of the turned vampires leads them across the country and finally back to Caleb's home at the orphanage. 

The reunion with his family and Lauren is bittersweet. Three vampires brothers are planning on a world coup, usurping humans as the superior race. Joining the born vampires and turned vampires, Caleb works to infiltrate the vampire government and help free the human race. One wrong move means his death. Or more importantly, the death of Lauren.

Friday, April 1, 2011

B is for Being Human

Do you see a trend with my titles? The nostalgic way that reminds you of your childhood? Yup, they will all be that way. I'm not sure if it's creative or me being a slacker but I like it.

If you read my post about the challenge you might know what to expect. I said I was going to take all my stories and try to write queries for them. This is definitely slacking through. Being Human's query is already written. All I have to do is copy and paste. But not a lot of people have seen the revised query so this is something new. Tell me what you think of it. Give a critique if you want. Or simply enjoy it in anticipation.

Sometimes there's more to life than the simple things.

For Tommy, life as a vampire should be simple. All he has to do is survive. Except life is anything but simple. 

Humans know to fear the night, so the hunt for blood can be tricky. Desire sits on the edge of his mind, urging him to become the blood thirsty monster humans believe he is. But he resists, listening only to his instincts to help him survive.

The only human Tommy can trust is his human, twin brother. Through the bond that connects them and with Danny's help, Tommy starts to understand the human world in which he struggles to survive. He learns what friendship means, feels the sting of betrayal and finds that sometimes the worst monsters are very human.

Tommy just wants to survive. But Vampire Forces - a special branch of police whose sole purpose is to hunt vampires - begs to differ. They want every vampire turned to ash. With the growing number of humans who mean more to Tommy than a meal, he learns there's more to life than simple survival. He discovers that being human has nothing to do with actually being a human.

PS: Sorry if B doesn't quiet have the same bang as A did.