Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vampire Myths

It's almost been a year since I've started this blog, so by now, it should be obvious I like vampires. They are the one creature I write about the most. The thing is, no two story is really alike. I constantly get new ideas for a vampire story, but each one is a twist on the myth. It was something I never really thought much until a writing friend, MaryBeth, pointed out a story she was beta reading for me she found a bit hard to get into because the vampires in that story were so different from the vampires in Being Human.

I started wondering if other people would feel the same. If I published another vampire story would readers be turned off by the change in mythology? Maybe not, but some might find it harder to get into the story after spending time in Tommy's world.

And it's not just vampires either. I have werewolf stories that each have a different twist. Demon and angel stories that are in different worlds. Other stories I mix up my romances. Most authors I know stick with either Female/Male romances or Male/Male romances. I haven't read a series by anyone where they swapped, and I have a four part short stories series where I switch back and forth between M/M and M/F relationships.

Part of it is that is how the stories come to me and the other part is I like coming up with new twists. How can I recreate the myth? What hasn't been done before? The ideas get me excited to write. I need to be cautious though. If I have a story that takes more than one book, then I need to publish those before switching to a telling of the myth.

What this means is, JJ's story, Out of Secrets, has to be put on the back burner until I get Being Human's sequel written and published. I don't have to completely forget JJ. If I do everything right, then I can get Out of Secrets published shortly after Being Vampire. Of course, it would also help if I could get Drew talking to me. He was a little and then Eric, a character from my werewolf short story, decided his sequel needs to be told first. At least I have stories without vampires I can publish while we all wait for Drew to talk to me.

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  1. Writing sequels is difficult, but your audience is now under a certain expectation. Could you release the other stuff under another name potentially to avoid confusion? Or are they close enough to still push them out under your current name? It's not always easy when your brain is working quicker then you is it!

  2. Rebecca, I don't think I could do an alias because I have pretty much a million variations of the vampire myth. I don't think I could even tweak the stories so the myths were similar. I like experimenting too much. The only other idea I came up with was seeing if I could use a different creature instead of vampires. But I like writing vampires too much, so that ideas not too appealing. >.o

  3. That's a bit of a tricky dilemma.

    I'm writing another series under a different alias, because it's a completely different genre, and it's a co-written work.

    I've thought of writing one-offs of solo work that wouldn't really mesh with my usual series either.