Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Love the Noughties Blogfest

I've been pretty lucky lately. There's been a ton of good blogfest going on the past few months, and I love doing blogfests. When I saw this one hosted by Dave Wrote This, I couldn't pass it up. First, I thought it was pick one thing and talk about it. Which made it very simple. 2004 American Idiot by Green Day was released and I never miss a chance to talk about the wonder that is Green Day. I still am, but the blogfest is about something every year.

Let's get started. Okay, year 2000, that one is easy. I graduated from high school. Of course, much to my dismay, when voting for class song, I will Remember you got picked over Anthem for the Year 2000. I was a bit outraged. I mean, come on! We were graduating in the year 2000, it should have been a no brainer.

2001, let's see, oh yes, I GOT TO SEE GREEN DAY LIVE! OMG, I was in heaven. Lost my shoes in the mosh pit. Fortunately, I found them at the end of the concert. Then everyone was kicked out before I could call my ride to get me. I ended up taking a ride from a complete stranger who had also been at the concert. I gave him ten dollars for gas, and we had a nice conversation on the drive back to my dorm. Always kinda thought I was lucky. I mean, that dude so could have kidnapped and killed me. I also could have not found my shoes and had my coat stolen. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I saw my shoe go flying in the mosh pit and hit Billy Joe in the face. Not 100% sure, but the shoe looked quite familiar.
2002, I ended up quitting college, but I don't suppose that's something I should be proud of. What can I say? I didn't see where an art degree would take me. The only suggestion I got was teaching, and that wasn't going to happen.
2003, I believe this was the year hubby and I started dating. He lived in Mississippi and I lived in Michigan. Lost distant relationships suck, but when you finally get together, it's worth it.

2004, AMERICAN IDIOT! I told you I was going to talk about this. Have you listened to the album? It's not just pretty words strung together, it is a story. The whole album is connected and tells a story about you, me, the world. It's pretty deep, not to mention awesome.

2005, Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith. I knew when this came out, George Lucas really needed to pull out all the stops with how annoyed people were with Episodes 1 and 2. I think he did a pretty good job. That end fight, OMG, I was on the edge of my seat.

2006, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I'm really not into playing video games anymore, I usually watch my hubby play. No, I didn't play this one, but I watched hubby play it and there were times I thought about starting to play it. It was amazing. I can not wait for Skyward Sword after seeing that game. And let's just face it, Link is hawt.

2007, Nothing is coming to mind. Was I alive this year? Part of the human race? Maybe I was hiding out in a cave. Let's just skip this year, shall we?

2008, Not exactly sure, but I think this was about the time I started writing. Just for fun, I wrote down an idea I toyed with when trying to get to sleep at night. I really enjoyed writing it down, and afterwards, I got another story idea and started writing that down too.

2009, I got serious about writing, deciding the story I was working on, Being Human was one I wanted to share with the world.

So, there you have it, my list of awesome events that happened in the Noughties... minus year 2007. Let's just add 2010 since I know I have an awesome event for that year. Can you guess what it is? If you're thinking I GOT TO SEE GREEN DAY LIVE AGAIN, then you are correct. This time was even better than the first time. I screamed, I sang, I jumped, I almost cried. It was amazing. If I get the chance, I will see Green Day live a third time. They are that good. (Do not deny it, CJ.)


  1. Lost yer shoes in a mosh-pit, How bangin' is that?!!?

  2. Man, you really love Green Day.

    Thanks for signing up.

    Dave Wrote This

  3. gar... you had a lot of things going on and your choices are top notch.

    Jeremy [2thumbs]
    Two Thumbs

  4. I saw Green Day's tour for American Idiot.
    And you graduated high school in 2000? I feel so old...

  5. @A Dafr Scots Lass, sad thing is, I got rid of those shoes later. When I realized it, I was a bit distraught. lol

    @Dave, True love, man, true love.

    @iZombie, Thanks.

    @Alex, how old are you? I figured you'd be in your mid twenties. o.O

  6. I graduated college in 2000 and I was on the six year plan because I spent the first two years doing an awful lot of not going to class. I feel old too...

    Love your inclusion of Zelda. I've long be obsessed with this game in its many incarnations. I just can't seem to win any of them.

  7. No overlap on our lists. I went for funny movies :)

  8. So, you're saying you like Green Day????

    I do too :)

    What a cool decade for you.


  9. Ohh Green Day did have a lot of greatness in the noughties! American Idiot is by far my favorite album by them.

  10. I love blog hops, but this past two months, blogging has gone out the window a little so I have missed many by the look of it as I do my travels now.

    I'd be no good at this one though. Like you in 2007 I would be saying - was I alive then. I have a terrible memory! Great to read other peoples life experiences though. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Love Greenday. That's awesome that you got to see them in concert. Wish I had too!

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  13. :)) New follower thanks to the blog hop! Feel free to stop by some time and see me.

  14. Bit of a shame George couldn't kill off Jar Jar in that final movie... but at least he didn't talk once.