Sunday, November 20, 2011

Embrace the Rainbow

I'm a little indecisive about this post. Might be opening up a can of worms with the topic. People have opinions and some state those opinions loudly, and I'm not looking for debate or arguments on this blog. This blog will always be about writing, but sometimes I need to step away and talk about something else. Whether those topics are music, my nephews or something that not everyone may agree on. But I do feel a strong urge to say something, to show my support for friends. I guess I'll keep typing, and see if at the end, I still want to publish this post.

Today is Transgender Remembrance Day. The 13th one to be exact. As you can guess it's a day to remember people who were bullied, hurt, even killed for being different. They didn't neatly fit into the little gender slots and for that they suffered. What instantly comes to mind is a video of a transgender person being beat up in a McDonald and no one doing anything. I can't really ask how no one can step up because we all know now-a-days people are afraid to get involved. They hope someone else will take care of it. Quite sad, eh?

There are two people on my twitter list that I talk to - two men - that are transgender. I'm not going to name names or tell you who they are though. Why? Because, honestly, I don't see them as transgender men and telling you might make you only see that part of them. I know they are, but when I talk to them, I'm talking to a guy. What's in their pants doesn't change that fact. Hell, I even mistook one for a woman when I first met him. What he said seemed too sensitive for a guy to say. Now... well, let's just say he's perverted as every other guy I know. ^_~

Anyways, this post is dedicated to my two twitter friends, and all the others out there. To each journey, all the ups and downs, and every triumphs. Whether those moments are getting an ID card with the correct gender on it, or having a birthday where the first time they feel they can celebrate as themselves. I got your back, yo. ^_~ And I'll stand with you to face any storms, so those who came before, who suffered, who were bullied, tormented, and killed haven't done so in vain. I see you as you. <3


  1. You rock Patty. Thank you for writing this!

  2. There was a boy here who committed suicide some weeks ago, the son of a city councillor. He'd been bullied relentlessly at school because he was gay, and finally it was too much for him.

    Those who put him through that kind of hell are despicable. Just a few years, he'd have gone out and done something positive with his life. The bullies, on the other hand, will amount to nothing.