Thursday, October 6, 2011

A warm bodied review

I was a little torn. When I signed up for Marie's Spooktacular October Paranormal Reading Challenge, I planned to do self published books, help get the word out on self published books that I found that I thought deserved a little bit of time in the spotlight. Then I got a package from Amazon that had three pararnormal books I wanted to read and I wasn't opposed to reading those for the challenge either. But fate has smiled upon me and I discovered one of the books, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, started out self published. Let the gushing begin!

I love this book. I haven't read a lot of zombie books but I'm glad this was one. It was an interested take on zombies. How a person became a zombie, what drove them to eat people and what happens when they eat the brains. The way the zombies interacted was interesting too. While they did tend to stare at walls for hours, they had some interesting interactions. Like the main character, R, and how he met his girlfriend. They were riding the conveyor in the airport the zombies live at and it stops with them facing each other. How they get married is even more interesting. When R and his wife have kids... well, that was just too damn cute. Can you imagine a little zombie family? Husband, wife and two kids? I kind of wish there were more scenes where R interacted with his kids.

The characters, well, I loved R. He was deep and I felt his frustration when he couldn't articulate what was going through his head. Julie was a fun spitfire. Loved how determined she was to survive in the hell her life had become, but at the same time was flawed enough to feel hopeless and in need of support. M, I wasn't too sure about him at first, but he was interesting. I had no idea a zombie could be such a playboy. Perry was the character that shocked me the most despite being killed by R in the first chapter. The way he was there for R, kind guiding him like a guardian angel.

Since I haven't read Romeo and Juliet since high school, I don't know if I picked up on all the similarities. I didn't realize until I finished that R could be short for Romeo. What I picked up on most was how similar R's world was to the living's world. R shows you his world and then he sneaks into Julie's and it's a bit like looking in the mirror. It was a bit eerie and foreboding to me.

The plot moved at a good pace, but a few times I flipped to the back to see how many pages I had left and often thought, Should it take that many pages? It worked out though. A few chapters had endings that could have left it there. They had this finalized feeling to it, but the real ending was good. It was the kind I wished hadn't happened yet. I wanted more. I love the cover of the hardcover. I've seen a few cover variants and I think that one is the best. Sometimes I wonder why paperbacks and hardcovers have different.

Overall, I found it very hard to put down and my poor hubby got neglected when he came home for lunch. This is definitely a book that earned its five stars from me. Oh, I guess it's being adapted into a movie. Not sure I'll go see it, depends on how scary the trailer looks. I am such a horror movie wuss.


  1. I've seen this book on a few blogs, but not an actual review I don't think, so I was curious. I haven't read many zombie books, but I might have to check this one out. I'm a total horror movie wuss, too! It's the insanely over-active imagination, I think.

  2. Yeah, I blame that too. Like right now, I'm home alone and I keep hearing random creaks or the window and I freak myself out. So yeah, I don't need a movie to help scare me more.

  3. I've only read the one zombie book awhile back, and hadn't heard of this one. You've got me curious about it, though horror's not usually my genre.

  4. William, it's not really all that scary. It has intense moments, but I wouldn't call it a horror story.