Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some truth about being published

Let's gather in a nice little circle around the campfire and have a little truthful discussion. I am going to be brutally honest with you, no holding back or sugarcoating.

I am completely bummed out my books didn't instantly take off.

It's been almost two months since I released Being Human and sales have been... Well, they are happening, but not on a grand scale that has me rolling in money and laughing madly. (Is there any other way to laugh? ^_~) Hubby's paycheck hasn't become play money.

Sure, I knew it wouldn't happen. I wasn't expecting over night success or internet sensation. But it'd be a lie if I said a small part of me really hoped that's what would happen. What author - traditional or indie - wouldn't want that to happen? Just because I'm prepared for something less than spectacular doesn't mean I've given up all hope that maybe, just maybe, something big will happen. If there wasn't that little bit of hope, then there would probably be no motivation to publish. What's the point if I'm not quietly hoping for the impossible while loudly bracing for the inevitable? I could just write my book and share with family and friends.

That little spark of hope for the impossible is what keeps us going. To imagine thousands of people reading our books, loving them and demanding more. It's a dream that can happen. Maybe not to me, or not to you. Maybe only with a lot of persistence or a complete stroke of luck. Maybe by the fifth book I publish (please note, I have no idea how many books I will publish) I'll reach that level of stardom I secretly hoped I'd reach when I first hit publish. I have no idea if or when it will happen. But I'm still hoping.

I'm not going to let reality get me down. I'm not going to snuff out my hope on the pretense of that will never happen to me. That hope keeps me focused on improving. Maybe if I make the next book even better. Maybe if I climb this hill. Get over that bump. If I keep going, maybe someday, something big will happen.

Giving up would mean giving up hope of something - anything - happening.


  1. I think as writers we all have secret hopes that out books will become an overnight success. Why dream unless you dream big right? Hang in there.

  2. Lan, I am! My silver lining is when I do sell a copy, I get really giddy so the excitement has yet to wear out. ^^

  3. Don't lose hope. The more books you publish, the more your readers will circle around your work. These things take time.

    It's a good reminder, though. When we convince ourselves self-publishing is the right path, we think of all the what-ifs. I'm slowly learning that focusing on the writing is the best route.

  4. Don't worry, Emily, my hope is fine. Well, most days. I do have those bad days were I want to give. I take a nap then and, afterwards, feel better. =D

  5. Every overnight success was always preceded by many nights of no success.

    Just keep writing and publishing and talking about your works. It's the only way to increase your odds.

    I found out today Picasso made 50,000 works of art. Most were crap. But only because he kept making art, was he able to create his masterpieces.

    Keep writing,

  6. Spoken very well. Every time I send a story out to a market, I hope that it'll be loved and bought. And isn't. But it will be! One day.

  7. Mark, that's what my hubby reminded me.

    Jenny, even selling only a few copies means someone noticed and hopefully they loved it. ^^

  8. Books sell books... Just keep writing. In the end the books will sell each other. You'll see

  9. Give it time. Writing is a "think long term" thing.

  10. Hi Patricia,
    Of course we would all love to be the next J.K. Rowling. Thanks for admitting it. I'm visiting from the Warm Fuzzies Blogfest. Nice to meet you!
    Kim Van Sickler

  11. Hi, I'm visiting from Flashback Friday. I've never written a word for "sale", but I understand the desire to be read. Wishing you the best.

  12. Or it could be a matter of moments where the book sale takes off and you've found your MAD laugh and roll around in all the money it'll make :) If you continue, you're right something BIG will happen!