Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Blood Book Trailer

As you all know, I decided to start a book trailer service. This weekend, I got my first paid order. Paul Dorset contacted me about his upcoming book, New Blood. Naturally, I was excited. And nervous. My guidelines I set on the site for my trailers were going to be put to the test and I would find out if I missed any important details. There were bumps, but Paul and I emailed back and forth and worked through the bumps. I even learned something new about iMovie. I am very grateful he was understanding and patient with me. Sometimes, I'd email him, and then notice something and feel like a complete airhead.

In the end, I tweaked my guidelines a bit and changed what the $50 fee included. Paul also suggested I give samples of music. Not a bad idea. I think what I'll do is pick two pieces of music and make two trailers for the person to choose from. Changing the music isn't hard. I duplicate the original project and drop new music in. I do wish I had been able to find music that Paul loved, but I really enjoy the music I picked for his. I thought it matched the blurb and the images very well. Hopefully, his potential readers think so as well and the trailer helps drive sales. New Blood sounds like a really interesting read. My TBR pile may be at risk of growing even faster thanks to this service.

I want to give Paul a big thank you for hiring me and I hope his book does well. I know I'm going to buy it. Now, without further ado, please enjoy the trailer for New Blood.


  1. You're a star, Patricia... I would recommend your services to anyone :-)

  2. @William, Thanks.

    Paul, doublt thanks. Your trailer is easily my favorite one I've made so far.

  3. Congratulations! Book trailers are super hot now, you jumped in at the right time!