Sunday, October 2, 2011

My first book event.... sorta

This past weekend, I had a craft sale I was a vendor at. Last minute, I decided to bring along my books. I figured I could squeeze them into a small spot and maybe I'd sell a copy or two. Well, I am beyond excited to say I sold six. SIX! And everyone ask me to sign their books. I didn't offer, THEY asked me! The vendor across from me bought one to not only read it but to display the bookmarks she made. So all day my book was on display in two booths.

It was kind of funny. People would pick up the book, read the back and ask my little sister or I who wrote it. When I said me, they were kind of shocked. Then the shock turned into a bit of starstruck. They thought it was cool to be meeting the author.

They liked the price too. Ten dollars even. One lady thought it was such a great price she bought two books! It kind of made me wonder where the people in my hometown were getting books. To me, ten is about a middle price. On amazon there are books for more and books for less. I guess ten is the magic number. People don't feel too bad throwing that down for a book.

I also met other writers. This one lady in another booth (selling jewelry also) told me she had a book sitting on her computer that she had been working on. I told her to get on twitter and look up #amwriting. That's where I learned pretty much everything in terms of publishing and writing. Hopefully, she does, her story sounded interesting (a ghost story.) Another lady asked about how I got my book published. She and a friend had books they wrote and illustrated and the one submitted it to publishers and was told to change the story and that they didn't want to use her illustrations. I told her about createspace and that she should be able to find info for herself and her friend.

 All in all, I think about 75% of the people who picked up the book bought it. Not too shabby considering turnout for the show wasn't the greatest. Oh, and if not for my books, it would have been a waste of money for me. People just weren't buying jewelry. *sigh* I sold a little though.

I'd highly recommend other writers give craft shows a try. All you need is a table (unless they provide one) and your books. You pay for the spot and get to meet readers face to face.

I told my little sister I was posting this pic of
her on my blog. Muahahaha!


  1. That's great. Not only did you sell some books, but you've identified a new market :-)

  2. That's great news, nice to know people are still buying books out there. Congratulations.

    Moody Writing

  3. Congratulations. You'll need to find more places to do that. You'll be amazed.

  4. Wooo! Funny, ever time I've done craft shows for crafts, it's been a bust...but maybe now I'll have to try with crafts AND books :P I'm making these super cute magnets now. I bet they'd sell well...


  5. Oh MB, pic of the magnets!!! Craft shows for me are up and down. Sometimes I do great, others not so much. It's rare I don't at least make my spot back.

    Everyone, thanks!


  7. bah sorry you have to c&p them. I hoped it would automatically link 'em. Ahhh well

  8. The links were clickable in the email. Very cute MB!