Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interview with the Character Blogfest

This little blog fest is thanks to Melissa at The Undeveloped Story. Don't forget to pop by there and see the list of participants and interviews.

It's always fun getting to know your characters more. A joy to put them in the spotlight and grill them on details of their life outside of the story. Today, my victim *ahem* character is Cage from my next release (hopefully) Out of Secrets.

Cage eyes me cautiously: What do you mean hopefully? You better do it. JJ would be crushed.

I'll just ignore that threat and get started. We’ll start out with the basic. Introduce yourself please.
Cage: My nickname is Cage and my real name is something I'd rather not give out.

Cage: Names hold power over a vampire. More so when it's a human speaking the name. Let's say another vampire knew my name and told me to stop. I would stop. If a human said my name and told me to stop every five feet, I would have no choice but to stop every time I walked five feet until the spell of my name wore off. Fortunately, it's not a permanent spell.

Spell? As in magic?
Cage shrugs: I'm not sure how else to describe it. How do you describe the unexplainable?

Touché. Where did you grow up?
Cage: My human childhood was spent in a small town in Pennsylvania over three hundred years ago. I was the middle child of six. Not particularly well behaved, but I did not misbehave either. I tended to go along with whatever my two older brothers planned. I looked up to them. Which annoyed them to no end.

I think every older sibling is annoyed by their younger ones for a while. What talent would you most like to have?
Cage: My mother sang. She had a beautiful voice and I often wished instead of going to the fields to work, I could have stayed home and have her teach me to sing as well as she did.

What’s one place you’d love to visit before you die?
Cages raises an eyebrow: A little late for that.

Sorry, my bad. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Cage: As of right now, I am content with who I am. If you had asked a few years back, I would have said everything.

Do you speak your mind or think the answer through first?
Cage: After living for over 300 hundred years, I've learned taking a few moments to think actions through won't hurt.

What was it like being turned?
Cage: Painful. Very painful.

What’s the most important thing every vampire should remember?
Cage: Just because you are a vampire does not mean you gave up your humanity. You are not excused from your actions or any harm you cause.
Last words?
Cage smirks: I believe you promised me dinner. Oh wait, my last words not what would be your last words. No and I have no plans on having any last words for a while.

Cheeky bastard. Thanks for stopping by Cage. It's a pity JJ couldn't have tagged along, but I believe he had school today. Then again, didn't you get yourself enrolled as well?
Cage grins: No comment. I will say it was a pleasure and I look forward to meeting the readers.
.... You've been talking to Tommy. How many times do I have to tell my vampires? They cannot eat my readers!


  1. Hehehe Patricia, I liked that. Cage sounds like he's going to be fun.

  2. O enjoyed that. Cage sounds interesting :-)

  3. So far I am liking Cage the best among the interviewees I am reading

  4. Thanks everyone. I figured I'd give Tommy a break.