Thursday, September 1, 2011

Follow Friday... I'm on 2 in numbering, right? Nope, 5

Time for another Feature & Follow Friday, hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. This week's question is:

Q.If you could change the ending of any book (or series), which book would you choose? Why and to what?

You know, honestly, there isn't a book I would change the ending too. Sure, there are a few things I'd tweak. Like in Breaking Dawn, I read a review that suggested Leigh and Jacob could have hooked up and I was like, "OMG! They are so right! Why didn't they hook up? That's sooooo much better than the imprinting." (Yes, really, that was my train of thought.) But what about Nessie? (Sorry, I am not attempting her name or googling it.) Yeah, what about her? The story line would still have worked. Mostly. Maybe tweak it so Sam's pack didn't want to kill Bella and Nessie and just have the Volturi want them dead. Is that how you spell Volturi? I'm not googling that either. I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight and am on a bit of a roll typing and can't be bothered to reach for the mouse. Although, hubby would assure me I could get to the search function without the mouse, but he's playing a video game so I won't bother him.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, book endings. Nope, nothing really comes to mind. I have enjoyed.... wait I just thought of one. It was an indie book I downloaded called Shinobi, Book One: Concealed in Shadows. It had gay ninjas. Tell me that doesn't perk your interest? That you wouldn't pick it up just to glance at it out of curiosity. Back on topic. I'd totally change that ending.

The first half of the book was amazing. There was good character development, conflict, an interesting bad guy and for some reason, the author threw it all out the window. Instead, the MC hooked up with the bad guy and to get the bad guy turned good out of the picture so MC could go back to the ninja dude he had been in the process of hooking up with, the author had the bad guy turned good die because he couldn't steal anyone's ki that was suitable. While he was the bad guy, he was going to steal the MC's ki but then they ended up having sex (oh yeah, this was an erotica. I did not know that when I downloaded it. I just thought, Gay ninjas... I have to see this. lol!) So the ending was just lots of pointless sex while waiting for bad guy turned good to die so the MC could go finish hooking up with the first guy. It felt like a total cop out. I forced myself to finish, but really I wouldn't have missed anything if I hadn't. Really, what was the author thinking? (Hmm, I wonder if anyone will think that when they read my book.)


  1. A lot of people have said Breaking Dawn!! New follower!

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  2. Hopping through. I have issues with Breaking Dawn too. I like the ending but the route getting there was weird.
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  3. It's a tough call as to what book I'd want to change the ending to. On one hand, authors work hard on their novels and I hate criticizing their methods. But on the other, sometimes books lack a certain omph. My answer is a book that I didn't particularly enjoy so that I wouldn't feel as bad!

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  4. New follower. I have seen alot with Breaking Dawn as the answer, but in a way I guess I would want to change it too.

  5. Everyone seems to have a problem with the way this series ended. I only read the first book and enjoyed it but couldn't get into New Moon.
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  6. Okay, you had me at gay ninjas but lost me with your eloquent review of the ending. I'll give that one a miss :-)

  7. Twilight is popping up everywhere tonight!! I haven't read Breaking Dawn but I know what happens and even I have to agree :)

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    LOVE your answer and feel the same way!

  9. Lol.

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  10. Vampire Academy is awesome, you should read it!
    My other recommendation is Divergent by Veronica Roth. :)

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  12. Being the maverick that I am, I penciled in my own addition to this week’s Follow Friday question and then answered it.

    Change the ending of a book? No way, no how.

    From the perspective of a reader – it never even dawned on me. As a writer I find the notion sacrilegious.

    Wait! I can explain! Follow me back to my blog for all the verbosity –

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  13. Gay ninjas has me so intrigued! The rest..not so much. Sad, that could be such a great premise for a book.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree with you about Breaking Dawn. New follower!

  15. Great answer. I completely agree with you about Breaking Dawn. I would have much rather had Jacob and Leah be together rather than with Renesmee. Just a little disturbing to me.

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  16. Already a follower, but OMFG I WANNA READ ABOUT GAY NINJAS! D:

    Okay, seriously though, that ending would've cheesed me off.

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  17. Breaking Dawn was really disappointing!

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  18. Breaking Dawn has been a popular answer! Gay ninjas! That's a new plot premise I haven't heard of before! :D

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  19. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Follow Friday! :)

  20. Thanks everyone for stopping by. If I haven't gotten to your blog yet, I promise I will over the weekend.

  21. A lot of people would change Breaking Dawn. Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Thanks for hopping by mine =D I like your ideas about Breaking Dawn, would definitely make for an interesting movie haha.

  23. Loved everything about Breaking Dawn, and I think I'm the only one!
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