Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is for real!

There's no denying it. This is really happening. I am doing this! I am publishing a book. And not just an ebook but a paperback too. My proof for Being Human came in the mail the other day. I grinned when I saw the package, trembled as I opened it and went speechless when it was in my hand. I wrote a book!

Sure, there's a few things to tweak. I wasn't quite patient enough to wait for Keary to send me a fixed spine so the cover is off by a few millimeters. Inside there is a blank page between the end of Part 3 and Part 4 thanks to a page break in the word file. Where the table of contents is looks funny so I'm just getting rid of it. I have to block up the text because every book on my shelf has blocked text and it looks so much better. And there are no page numbers. Nor will there be. I am not messing with that, trying to get page one to start where the story begins. Plus it messes up my page count.

On the bright side, it looks format issue free. There's no spaces except for where I want them. I will admit, there's a few breaks (****) at the bottom of some pages and leaves a little more space than the next page, but again, I'm not messing with it too much. For my first attempt, I think I did pretty good. I saw it, noted what needs to be fixed and still think it's perfect. Of course, it's my book, why wouldn't I think it's perfect? Even with errors I love it.

I've fixed all the errors that I see, so now it's off to CreateSpace to resubmit for the proof. I don't think I'll go with two day shipping again. I can be a little more patient now that I have this. The main reason I went with faster shipping is because my two besties are plotting a release party and I wanted a paperback copy to bring. The fact that they are plotting really scares me BTW. I am one step closer to my dream. Being Human is going to be published. It's a real book Ma!

While I wait for the clock to tick down, I'm working on some other stories. Out of Secrets and Lies Under Moonlight. Secrets in the hands of beta readers and Lies is getting rewritten a bit before going to betas. I'm thinking of putting Lies as a free short. It's not a bad story and I want to give people freebies, let them sample before they (hopefully) buy. It's a good marketing and promotion tool. Although, I kind of wonder if I should have done that before Being Human, but I don't think it will hurt me that mch. Maybe even help. We'll see. Either way you will be seeing more stories from me. Hopefully a sequel to Being Human if Drew ever decides to talk to me again.


  1. Hey hey, good job! Down the line, I'd love to know how your sales vary (if at all) between e-book and print book as I'm currently debating on whether or not to take up a print option for my future indie pubbed books.

    Was the formatting for print a big headache? Createspace is the option I have if I decided to offer print copies.

  2. This is so awesome!! The cover is beautiful!! Congratulations Author =D

  3. @Hayden I'll keep you posted. I don't really expect to sell many, but I wanted to give them to some friends and family, along with putting it on my bookshelf.
    Formatting wasn't a big deal, I pretty much just copy and pasted my formatted Smashwords MS file into the file for Createspace. After that it was uploading and waiting on CreateSpace.

    @Becky, thanks. =)

  4. Congratulations!! The cover looks great & the blurb on Goodreads sounds really cool!!

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction :)

  5. This all sounds very exciting.

    Are you definitely not going to put page numbers in it? I would think there must be tutorials on youtube or somewhere showing you how to do it (I've never tried so don't know how much of a faff it is).

    Moody Writing

  6. @Mood, not for Being Human, at least not right now. If my sales are good enough and I can afford another ISBN at some point, I'd like to figure it out, but for the moment, I'm not going to worry about it.

  7. I'm so happy for you! I'd be to excited to wait for a proper binding too, and I had no idea how persnickety things could be with formatting. Defiantly something to note for my future.

  8. The cover is excellent. It makes me want to know more about it and that's what a good cover does. Congrats on that.

  9. Proofs are lovely! The one I have will someday be a collector's item since the book is no longer named the same thing as the proof! heh

    What do you mean by blocking the text? Justifying both sides?

  10. @MB yeah! I knew there was a term for it, I just couldn't remember it. lol

    @Tahlia and @Jenny and @Escape, thanks!

  11. The cover looks fantastic Patricia!

    I commend you for your hard work in putting this together. I really couldn't cope with all the formatting issues. I definitely need someone else to do that stuff for me.

    Have a great launch party!

  12. Congratulations! The cover looks great. :)

  13. How exciting for you! I can't wait until I hold my book in my hands, it must just be the best feeling ever. You're so lucky to have friends who are going to have a launch party for you, even if their plotting scares you lol. I wish you tons and tons of success and I can't wait to read it!

  14. Thanks everyone. I honestly can't wait for my friends' party - even if it is scary thinking about their plotting.