Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Think Positive

Think positive. It's been something I've been saying a lot the past few days. It's kinda been keeping my nerves at bay, not really letting any jitters about that fact that August 30th Being Human is going to be published. The book will be out in the world and I can't take it back. Well, I suppose I can, but that's no fun.

Honestly, I'm terrified of that day. I have no idea how my book will do, if people will like and buy it. I've wondered a few times, should I start at 99cents? I really don't want to do that. It's a full length novel, a lot of work put into it. But I know 99cents is easy. You're out a buck, no loss there so it's easy to click buy. $2.99 people might pause to consider more. Especially on an unknown author like me. I have to be positive though. People will like it and buy it. Tons of people will buy, hundreds, thousands. Maybe even 50,000 people!

Okay, okay, I know that's being too hopeful, but the thought lifts me. Even if I know chances are slim, I'm letting myself think that. What if I get that lucky? What if people don't just like my book but love it? Think positive, even if the idea is impossible. Hell, when I get one order I'm going to be happy. I'm going to jump and spaz out and tweet that I sold a book. I am now an author. All because I thought positive.

Don't forget starting August 22nd is my blog tour. I also have a facebook page you can like and GoodReads author page where I have a sample of Being Human posted for those curious.

Also, my writing partner in crime, Daniel A. Kaine, just posted his book on GoodReads. It also has vampires, plus werewolves, a bit of magic and is set in a post-apocalyptic future. As his faithful converted follower of his gutter mind, it's my duty to hawk his link as well. Oh, and it's a good read. I nearly jumped through the computer and strangled him when I finished and found he had just started writing book two.


  1. You wouldn't actually have strangled me though, because then you would never have found out how Mik reacted to... that thing. :P

  2. You're right, I would have brought you to the point of unconscious then make sure you wake up, get a gun and hold it at your head until you finished writing not only book 2 but book 3 as well. Be glad I'm in the US, buddy. ;)

  3. I think writers are meant to worry and worry and worry. It's how we keep going and keep improving and doing what we do. You're bound to be nervous, but once it's out there, you're going to be pleased as punch!

  4. Here's wishing your talent and positive thinking make your dreams come true!

  5. @Rebecca, I'm already pleased as punch about the whole thing. ^_^

    @Damyanti Thanks. I think they've pretty much come true.

  6. I love this cat picture! I'm still laughing at it ;) I hope you’re having an awesome weekend!

    Also, I’m a new follower—wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)

  7. Keep thinking positively! You're sounding that way.

    Now, if that cat would only tip the glass...

  8. @William, if the cat tipped that glass, that wouldn't be thinking positive, it'd be thinking smart! lol