Monday, August 29, 2011


In case you missed the bazillion tweets or posts on facebook I sent about the various sites I stopped at for my blog tour, here's a recap.

August 22nd: The Undeveloped Story: Vampires VS Zombies - The Undead Showdown (At last tally, vampires were winning, but if you want, feel free to go cast your vote and maybe tip the scales.)
August 23rd -Austin James Here: Creating something new out of something old and an interview
August 24th - Damsel in a Dirty Dress: Interview with Me
 August 25th - Oops, had a little mix up and ended up with no post that day.
August 26th - A New Kind of Ordinary: Interview with Tommy and Danny
August 27th - Daily (w)rite: Vampire Flash Fiction - Stars in her eyes
August 27th - Keystrokes & Word Counts: Vampire Forces PSA
August 28th - Thea Atkinson: Character Horoscopes
August 29th - On the Subject of Being Speshul: Being Human Trivia

I had so much fun writing posts for all those sites and I hope you continue to visit them because they are awesome blogs and amazing writers themselves. Right now, I am beyond excited. Being Human is released into the digital world and my fingers are crossed that people love it just as much as I do. Hopefully the paperback follows shortly.

I am officially a published author! Sorry, must remember to use my inside voice.

The fun isn't over yet. Tonight, my two besties are throwing me a release party and I finally get to see what they've been plotting. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and fill you all in how the festivities tomorrow.

As promised I have books to give away. Naturally, my book is up for grabs. All you have to do is comment what format you'd like. Paperback or ebook. (There will be a delay with the paperback since I am still working out cover issues.) Include your email address so I can pop you an email with the details on how to get your book.

Also, I'd like to give away a second book. Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer. If you've kept up with this blog, you'll know Auntie Heather is most of the reason I decided to pursue publishing. And since I have a spare copy sitting on my shelf, I thought now would be the perfect time to spread some Vlad love and inspiration. I'm also including a bookmark and some Vlad tattoos. (I have a bunch. Joined the Master Minions and got a bunch of swag.)

I'll randomly pick two people and notify you via email.

Thank you all my readers and friends, to everyone who helped making Being Human better and made me confident enough to hit publish. This journey is just getting started. I have new stories to focus on, my next WIP I'm going to focus on getting published is Out of Secrets. So stay tuned because I have a lot more to say.

Where you can buy Being Human:


  1. Congrats Patricia! Wishing you all the best. I've ordered my copy just now for Kindle. :)

  2. Congratulations - what an amazing accomplishment!!

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction

  3. I'll add my congratulations here too. I look forward to hearing all about your book. Love that it's on Kindle.

    Oh, and thanks for the Sparkfest visit to the Write Game. Appreciated it a lot.

  4. Congratulation, Patricia! I absolutely intend to read your book. However, it might have to wait til Winter break, as the first semester of my PhD has me pretty much booked through December. Heh.

    Although... getting a free copy for my Kindle would probably speed me along. ^_^

  5. @Amanda PhD! Wow, go you and I can totally understand. lol
    @Cleemckenzie Thanks and the sparkfest was fun wasn't it?
    @Escape Thanks
    @Corinne, a big thanks!

  6. This is wonderful Patricia, I'm so excited for you. Congratulations!

  7. William, Sarah and Damyanti THANKS! (can't type, probably should go to bed now. lol)

  8. Yes! I have the e-book, but I'd love a paperback copy.


  9. Congradulations! And I'm perfectly okay with you using you're outside voice. I'm sure I would be doing the same if I was in a similar position.

  10. Congratulations and falisitations.........dont ask cos i dont know what i'm saying!!
    I'm so over tired and ready for bed LOL
    Hope the book exceptionally well ♥xox♥

  11. I would like to win a copy ... paperback please! Can't wait!!!

  12. Well, it's the 9th and I have a random winner. Cath, I'll email you shortly for details.