Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dream meanings

Lately, I've been having nightmares... Well, you might not think they are nightmares but they are to me. In them, my hubby is losing interest in me or planning on breaking up with me or with another woman. I spend the whole dream crying and panicking that I've lost him forever. When I wake, I'm pretty distraught. (At this point hubby should console right? Well, he's still fast asleep and unresponsive.) I kept wondering what was up with these dreams? Hubby and I are pretty happy together, blissfully married since April 1st and together for eight years before that. When I do finally get to tell him about the dreams, he assures me there is nothing to fear. That will never happen, he says.

Finally, I figured out where the dreams were coming from and what they meant. My writing! Or more accurately, my soon to be released book. (Shameless plug: Go to goodreads and add it to your to-read shelf and be entered in a chance to win a copy.) It appears that while I'm fast asleep, my mind is fretting over my book, wondering the same thing I'm wondering while I'm awake. Will people like it?

You may be wondering how I've come to that conclusion. It's pretty simple. Dream hubby is my book and the fear I have of him not loving me is my fear of people not liking my book. It's my subconscious using symbols to show my worries in the dream state. It just happens to pick a symbol that upsets me when I wake. *sigh* Between the voices and my subconscious, it's a wonder I'm sane... What? The voices assure me all the time it's okay to listen to them.


  1. Sane is overrated anyway. Or so MY voices tell me :)

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  3. @Sarah, I think we can trust the voices.

    @Jenna, thanks!