Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daylight Reviewing

Been a while since I've done a book review... Been a while since I've read. Too caught up trying to get Being Human published and being zapped from my job that I will no longer hold at the end of the week. Five am is evil and it was hurting my writing too much.

Anyways, the book I read was tweeted to me. A friend had mentioned me for #FF saying I had a vamp book coming out and this person sent us a tweet, probably figuring if we are tweeting vampires, we might be interested in his book. And since anything with vampires does interest me, I went and checked out his book. The description definitely interested me more.

As an endangered species Kris knows it’s never a good thing when people start murdering the monsters. All he wants to do is run his territory in South Florida with as few complications as possible. When he encounters three young siblings running for their lives, complicated takes on a whole new meaning. Kris knows he shouldn’t get involved. During the day he can be killed just as easy as any human and Kris learned a long time ago that not all monsters come out at night. Going against his instincts, he is forced to use every ally in his arsenal – supernatural and human alike – to protect the three runaways. This is the first book in a series surrounding the Vampire, Kris Grant, as he spends his immortal life trying to do what he does best, survive.

Read DAYLIGHT HOURS and see Vampires in a whole new light.

See vampires in a whole new light. That's a bold claim, especially with all the vampire books. So I downloaded it, let it sit unread for a while because I had to work six days in a row at 5:30am. Today is my first day off and since I haven't read in ages, I figured it was time to pick a book. I choose this one. Here's my thoughts.

This book did paint vampires in a whole new light. That claim holds up! Instead of having the vampires be dead during the day, these vampires turn mortal. They can go into sunlight, eat food. They look like they did as humans with scars, tans, wrinkles, the works. Oh, and they can get killed just like mortals. At night, the vampire turns immortal again, skin paling, speed and strength spiraling. The vampire can also pull the vampire power up, go from mortal to immortal even when the sunlight is up. It has consequences, but it can be done. This is a fresh twist I have yet to read.

Kris was an interesting character too. He's not uber noble, often doing things because it's better for HIM than others, but he does have a soft side that makes itself known. You could say he's a bit of a vain bastard, but he knows that and often flaunts it just to irritate others. Which gave me a few chuckles throughout the story.

Other characters were Jack, a werebear; Abby, a witch; and Kyle, Kris' accidental human slave. Each one was very well developed and believable. I could see how the partnership between Kris and Jack worked. Abby was a fun character to read and I would love to see a story about her, know her history because the hints given were intriguing. Kyle, I think, was my favorite. The poor boy! Roped into being a vampire's slave. I think I was as proud as Kris when Kyle would stand up to him.

For the most part, the story is about Kris trying to help these three kids. Despite given plenty of chances to forget about the kids, to let them be someone else's problem, he sticks with them, trying to help them for reasons that bounce between selfish and noble. It was a good balance, it didn't feel like he was flopping between personalities. He knew what he had to do to survive, but he wasn't a monster that didn't care about others, he was loyal to his friends.

Towards the end, the story shifted back to an early mention of humans hunting the monsters. There was a betrayal, one that didn't surprise me. What did have me on the edge of my seat was how Kris would react to the betrayal. I knew he'd be hurt and, well, betrayed, but I didn't know what he would do. I think my favorite scene is one of the goriest. All I can say is Kris pretty much lets himself loose, gets his vamp on (even though it daytime) and kicks ass. It was nice seeing a vampire that was the good guy and didn't shy from ripping a few throats out. (That's kind of what I was going for in my story. A good vampire that didn't mind getting a little blood on his fangs or flesh stuck in his teeth.) Also, I wanted to cry. The betrayal and end results made me tear up and now my nose kinda hurts from trying not to cry over a book.

Since this book is indie, I have to make a mention on errors. I only saw a few. There was quit instead of quite I think about the 40% mark and AIA instead of A1A a bit later. Maybe a missing comma here or there, but as stated before, comma rules go right over my head (thank my editor for all the correct punctuation in my story.) Nothing major, the flow was smooth with very little bumps, no funny wording to have me reread to figure out what was being said.

The cover is simple, but I think works. It catches the eye, very visually appealing. I think I'd pick this up and look at the back in a bookstore. Plus, I think it works very well thumbnail size. Not too crazy on the font used, but I think it's growing on me. Maybe I'd use something fancier or bigger. I'm not about to hold font of a title against a book unless I can't read it.

I'd give this story 5 stars easily. The ending was tied up quite neatly that makes it so you don't have to continue with any future books, but I most definitely will. I can't wait to get back into Kris' world.


  1. Wow, that was one big review! Very thorough - the way I like them. So thanks, it sounds pretty good and I like the new addition to the vampire lore. I'll go look it up on Amazon.

  2. Glad to hear I'm not rambling on for nothing. Hope you like it if you get it.