Monday, August 1, 2011

The Book is the word

As predicted, I'm a little stumped on promoting my book. I have my facebook author page, my goodreads page and twitter. I have been  tweeting lines from my story with the hashtag #beinghumanteaser. My blog tour is all lined up and I've been getting the posts written ahead of time (details to come soon!) I've created an P Day event on my Author page on Goodreads, been joining a few blog hops in hopes of finding people who might be interested in reading my writing. I even found a site I think would be a good blog for me to have an ad on.

So what's my problem?

The exact problem I knew would happen. How much promotion is too much? Maybe I'm being a little paranoid. Will people really get mad if I tweet a few times a day teasers from Being Human? Or ask for friends to RT my pages? After all, I tend to tweet my blog posts about four times a day (at 8am, noon, 6pm and midnight. I've noticed those times get quite a few hits when I tweet my blog.) As far as I know, no one has complained I hawk my blog too much. *waits for someone to speak up.*

But it's more than just that. I'm wondering what else I can do. Promotion is hit and miss. What may work for someone, might not work for me. I won't know until I try. And I won't be able to try until I get ideas.

So throw me your promotion ideas. (Maybe a blog link swap? Guest posts? Interviews?) I'd love to get the word out to people. I'm releasing a book and would love people to read it! I'm not picky about what I do either and am very willing to try something new. (Although, I might cry to a few friends about how scared I am. Pity them, I do. lol) Can a writer get a hand?


  1. I have a friend who's a writer and she got some reviewers with big blog following to review her book. I can try to connect you two if you want.

  2. Send a copy of your book to a bunch of book bloggers. Other than that, don't worry about it. Just write your next book and get it published as soon as you can. The real key to being noticed and developing a fanbase is not promotion. It's first writing awesome books and second writing more awesome books. Just keep adding to your digital shelf. That's the best promotion.

  3. I would agree with Sarah that you need to keep adding content.

    And you shouldn't over-promote to your personal friends, but beyond that - I don't think there's such a thing as "over-promotion" as long as it's good stuff. And you are promoting in the right areas.

    I put more thoughts on my own blog:

  4. @Cassie, I would so come bake w/ you! lol

    @Sarah and Mark, I'm trying to get more content! Have about a billion stories in my head all clamoring for attention. =)

  5. I hired a media expert for four hours of her time, and she gave me a list of things (hard work) to do for the six months or so prior to my book's release. One thing she suggested was to go to Anamoto to create my own 30 second book trailor or platform statement to put on your blog. Also give something away for free on your blog for which people leave their email addresses for a download. Do a video of yourself doing a Q/A and put it on U-tube. So much can be done to draw in readers without making it feel so much like selling.

  6. I hear you. Yours is a novel...and I'm beginning to get the jeepers about my A-Z ebook of flash fiction! I'm not doing too much promotion (too many other commitments), but am going to be more present on my blog (s), twitter and so on.

    All the best with your book, and I'll spread the word about your book!

  7. @Margaret, I only have a month to go. >.> I do have a few give aways planned. One is going on right now over at goodreads. I think I linked it in this post... No I didn't. Well, all it is add Being Human to your to-read shelf and when I reach 25, 50, ectect I will give away a copy on P Day.

    @Damyan, thanks! Also I can't wait to buy the A-Z book.