Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Tour and P Day info

P day is fast approaching and so is the blog tour. August 22nd through 30th I will be blogging at a different blog each day.

August 22nd: The Undeveloped Story: Vampires VS Zombies - The Undead Showdown
August 23rd -Austin James Here: Creating something new out of something old
August 24th - Damsel in a Dirty Dress: Interview with Me
 August 27th -Daily (w)rite: Vampire Flash Fiction - Stars in her eyes
August 26th - A New Kind of Ordinary: Interview with Tommy and Danny
August 27th - Keystrokes & Word Counts: Vampire Forces PSA
August 28th - Thea Atkinson: Character Horoscopes
August 29th - On the Subject of Being Speshul: Being Human Trivia
August 30th - P Day and Give away here!

Also don't forget to add Being Human to your to-read shelf on GoodReads for another chance to win. Info here.


  1. Congratulations on the book and the tour! Hope it goes great and you have a blast. will be following and reading along.

    Lani Wendt Young

  2. I'm the last stop! It's okay, I understand... saving the best for last and all that :P I'm still trying to think up how to make it super-mega-special-awesome. Maybe I'll have to find some pictures to work with. Hell, I may even have to dig out some of my old java files and do some coding.

    Also I shortened my blog title months ago XD

  3. Ah, but you'll always be a speshul subject to me. =P BTW I emailed you the post of facts right? Wait, I'll just go look in my sent folder. You're sleeping. (when apparently you should be rioting. Bad British boy! BAD!)

  4. Lots of good stops there. Have fun on the blog tour! :)

  5. Yay! Let the blog tour begin!!