Friday, July 1, 2011

This review is Exiled from my mind

I am probably at risk of being the only person who thinks this post's title is funny. Anyways, on to the topic at hand. I forget how long ago but someone I follow on Twitter, MR Merrick, posted an excerpt of his novel, Exiled. Curious, I went to his blog and checked out. By the end of the excerpt I was distraught there wasn't more. But in the world of indie publishing, one of the perks is you don't always have to wait as long for a story to be published and today Exiled was published. Almost instantly I downloaded it. (I had errands to run so I couldn't do it ASAP but I was pretty close.) Then I read it in my usual not-doing-anything-else-until-I-finish-this-book way. Which according to MR Merrick was about six hours after I bought it.

So here's my thoughts. When's the next book come out? I want to know what happens to Chase and Rayna. I really enjoyed Chase, he was such a 17-almost-18 year old young man. Impulsive yet when those impulsive actions led to others being hurt, he would do his best to make amends. He was cocky but it was mostly with Rayna and she hit back (sometimes literally) with sass.

Oh, guess I could tell you a little more about them. Chase is a hunter... kinda. He and his mother were exiled from the Circle - an order of humans with elemental abilities that protect the human race from demons. Demons range from vampires to shifters to witches and more. What gets Chase and his mom kicked out is pretty much his father who let's face it, he's an asshole, because Chase doesn't develop any elemental skills. Rayna is half demon and I really don't want to give too much away because her status as a half demon is a big part of the plot. Other characters are Chase's parents, Tessa and Riley and another hunter named Marcus. Marcus I can tell you a little more. He's annoyingly secretive and it totally wore on me the same way it did Chase.

The main plot is one night Chase is rescued by Rayna and Marcus. Which surprises Chase because Rayna's part demon and in his mind evil. But Marcus assures him not everything is black and white and members of the Circle have evil plans in mind. Chase reluctantly agrees because he wants to do what he can to protect innocents and events led him to see demons differently. So it's a race to uncover who in the Circle is corrupted and stop them.

While I was reading, I had ideas on who the evil bad guy would be but never once was it too predicable. (I can't stand a story being too predicable, I'd rather not know than figure it out within a few pages.) Near the end there was something that I did see as very predicable and I can't reveal it but it didn't turn me too off of the story.

Over all, I found the characters likable and Chase's development I thought was very believable. Rayna had a good mix of sass but also showed compassion and depth. I think I will always want to smack the answers out of Marcus though. I was never once bored although a few times I thought, "Wow, there's a lot of fighting, how is Chase still getting up???" Then I remembered even though he didn't have any elemental powers, he was still a hunter and his stamina and strength was higher than a mere mortal like myself.

Can't say I noticed any errors. Might have been a missed comma here or there but as stated in previous posts, I'm clueless about that stuff so I'm probably wrong. As for the cover. Brilliant! It ties so well with the story especially since Chase's dad is fire and his mother is water. Over all I'd give this story 5 stars because it kept me guessing, kept me turning pages and he created a world that it completely new and fresh even with creatures I am familiar with. Also, he put vampires in it and as you know, I <3 Fangs.


  1. sounds like a pretty awesome book! Will check it out. =)

  2. will try and read the book, sounds interesting and I like unpredictable endings.