Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sparkling inspiration

If the title doesn't give it away, then I'm about to. This post is going to be about Twilight. Now, before the haters get their torches and pitchforks out, let me just say it's not THAT kind of post. I am not going to sing its praises. In all reality, my fandom I felt when I first discovered the books has died a bloody death. Which is why I'm talking about the books. But this is by no way a post bashing S. Meyer.

My all-time favorite author, Heather Brewer may be the person I look up to in terms of writing. I may love everything she writes. Even if it's about demon dog poo. But the reality of my story, Being Human, is if not for Twilight, I might not have come up with it.

How? you ask.

Simply put, Edward is a pussy. Yes, you heard me right. While I have a special place in my heart for Twilight for getting me back into reading, after a while I got a little discouraged with it. The vampires are just... lame. There is no biting or blood sucking (or fangs! Although, I have learned to deal with that.) The vampires in Twilight are good, they don't kill humans and constantly berate themselves for the ones that they did. Any vampires that do kill humans are usually bad. Except in Breaking Dawn, there were good vampires that killed humans but still, you felt like you had to look down on them for it. They shouldn't be doing that.

It wasn't just Twilight that did that either but it felt like every other vampire book did as well. The vampire moaned and whined about being undead, held pity parties for himself over all the humans he killed when he was younger and out of control. He strove to make amends for that, to be human again.

I wanted something different! A vampire that didn't wuss out over being a vampire. And there are a few. A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix is one that always pops to mind. Her main character, Dante, doesn't shy from being a vampire and embraces it. He even kills people! But the people are usually bad guys or evil. It still wasn't different enough.

So when I got my inspiration from Thirsty, I saw a chance to create the type of vampire I was craving. If you've kept up with my blog, you'll know Tommy doesn't remember his human life. The memories are gone. How would that affect someone? How would it change the way they act? My answer was Tommy. With no human memories of things like morals, and at times, right or wrong, he goes on instinct. If that means killing an innocent person for their blood, he doesn't shy from it. But he doesn't revel in it either. To him, it's survival. If he didn't do this, he would die. Permanently. As for the person he killed, in his mind, they failed to survive. It's a very cold and emotionless view of life.

Of course, this doesn't mean that I didn't give Tommy the ability to change or grow. One of my favorite scenes is where he's trying not to kill a human. He's stalking the woman thinking, "Maybe she wants to die. Maybe I can start not killing tomorrow." But then he resolves to see this decision through. I can't give away the outcome. You'll have to buy the book to find out (w00t! Shameless plug!)

Tommy wouldn't be who he is without Twilight. His journey wouldn't be any different from all the other vampire books. Hell, he might not even exist!


  1. This is why Spike was always better than Angel :)

  2. Fact: Edward was a fairy, not a vampire.

  3. Well...he was pretty ugly (real faeries are not very pretty) but then he'd have that whole aversion to metal and how could he drive his snazzy cars....

    Twilight inspires me in the fact that while there is something addictive about the series, the writing really isn't all that good. Therefore, it spurred me to keep writing because I know I can do better than Meyers! Hahah!

  4. I have to reread Twilight now that I know more about writing and see if I feel the same about the writing. I am doubtful but I am an easily entertained reader. It doesn't take much for me to go OMG I LURVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I can agree with that. I did read those Amanda Hocking books (twilight rip off) and thought they were "OK". :P A good story can trump some bad writing for me as well...MAYBE. Depends on how good the story really is.

  6. I think if the story flows too. As long as the sentences don't sound choppy, I think I could get through bad writing. Hard to say sine I haven't read any stories were I thought the writing was bad. Only stumbled upon a few stories I thought the plot was bad or turned to crap halfway through.