Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fortune Cookie Coincidence

I have two real posts but this is just to coincidental not to share.

The other day, hubby, Kel, and I went out to eat at a new Chinese buffet with his co-worker, Brian. It was busy, the food wasn't bad and I tried a few new things. At the end of dinner, our waiter (poor guy was running like a chicken with his head cut off!) gave us four fortune cookies. Brian and Kel grabbed one each. I don't know who took the fourth but Kel pocketed mine because I was full. Today, Kel decided I needed to eat it and pushed it into my hand. So I cracked it open. This is a picture of my fortune.

I am not even kidding! It's like a frikken sign! I started laughing. Kel said I should take a picture and put it on twitter. Guess I one upped him. I am saving this little bugger! If Being Human takes off, it's becoming my lucky charm.


  1. Fortune cookies. They know all :)

  2. That is CrAzY!!! So very cool ;-)

  3. this is great! most def a sign!
    but everytime I see fortune cookies I think of Homer Simpson with that little type writer typing of fortunes LOL!!!

  4. ALWAYS listen to the Universe. It knows all. If it were me, I'd definitely take it as a sign! :-)

    I hope your book sales take off!


  5. I'm superstitious like that...I totally believe it is THE SIGN, hang on to it, and all the best with the book :)

  6. Fear not! I am listening to this sign. (I don't really have a choice though, do I? lol)