Sunday, July 31, 2011

Formatting is like baking

For the record, I would just like to state I love baking. It was my job for a while and it was great. There is nothing better than being paid to make cookies. That said, I do not like formatting.

I've been making a lot of baking comparisons to writing. I think they are true. Easy as pie, but pie's not always that easy is it? It depends on the recipe you're using. Same for writing. Formatting very much so.

In baking, you need to be precise with your ingredients. You don't want too much baking soda in or too little. You want your yeast to rise just right. About the only ingredient you don't have to be precise is flour and even then, if you are going to err, more is better than less. (Adding more flour tends to make the doughs of cookies, cakes and crusts hold together. Less makes them fall apart. If you have ever wondered why your cookies are so flat, try adding a little more flour.)

Formatting, you have to be just as precise. It's not insanely difficult, but you have to follow the step by step instruction to the T less risk having your book look like a blind five year old did it. (Of course with formatting less is more so you have to flip flop the flour.) It's very tedious too. You can't throw it together in a few seconds. You have to slow down, read each step, do the step, and then read the step again to make sure you got it right. Double check the recipe.

It takes time but once it's done baking, you have a beautiful masterpiece. It looks, oh so, delicious! Worth every ounce of sweat and every second it took. And people are going (hopefully) devour it! Man, I want some cookies now.


  1. I have been craving a good cookie baking session for a few days. You should come down to FL and we'll have a cookie baking blast.

  2. great analogy...both take patience...and can be frustrating...

    But as my mum always says...anything worth doing is worth doing right. :D

    @jonesbabie on Twitter