Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy as Pie... but pie's not that easy

They say that a writer is never really done with a story. There's always more that can be done but at some point you just have to stop. But holy crap, stopping is hard! I think I figured out formatting, converted Being Human so I can read it on my desktop with Kindle and still I find little things to tweak. Oh that sentence will flow better if I switch this around. That dialogue tag needs to go. Ouch, three sentences/paragraphs in a row that start with the same word. A few times I've forced myself not to go to the word file and change something. I'm supposed to be reading through, making sure it's formatted right. But a few tweaks won't hurt?


Umm, if by tweak you mean an impromptu chapter cut? Yup, I did that. Was reading and realized one chapter pretty much rehashed what was said and would be said so I chopped it. That's the only big thing I've found, the rest have been what I've stated above. Little tweaks that should make the story flow better.

Still, it makes me wonder. Am I jumping the gun? Am I really ready to be published if I'm still tweaking? My opinion flip flops. Sometimes I think no and other times yes. But like I said, an author could go on forever tweaking and editing a story. At some point, the author has to stop. I'm going to have to stop. There is such a thing as too much editing after all.

I still have plenty of time. My goal is to finish this read through (that feels like it is taking forever!) then let it sit a few days and read through again one more time and try not to edit. Will I succeed? Hell if I know. Might have to cuff my hands behind my back and use my chin to click to the next page. I just know I can't hit published until I feel satisfied and the reality may be I'll never truly be satisfied. I'll just end up compromising. This is good enough. It's time.

As of today, I have finished my one read through, let it sit, and then read through again. This last time had very few tweaks. Changed a few repetitious words in a paragraph, found a couple extra words or missing words, but all in all, I am very happy with how it read. I think... well, I think maybe I should read through once more just to be sure, but really, I think I can move on and get this baby uploaded.


  1. Good luck! And you're right - it is so easy to pick away, but at some point you need to force yourself to stop!

  2. It never hurts to have a trusted writer or crit friend give it a once-over before submitting, if even just to proofread. No matter how many times I go over a piece, there will be something I miss. Good luck!

  3. @Tali, thanks and I'm trying to stop! One more read through just to be safe and make sure I don't have mixed words (Like cat instead of cake. oy)

    @Heidi, yeah, I've been thinking that too. Maybe it's time I get my hubby to read it. lol