Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some days just suck

Today is turning into an off writing day. I opened up one of my manuscripts, read through it, fixed a few wrong words and then nothing. The start of the next part of the story churned but any solid direction fizzled. I saved and closed then looked at other stories that need work. Nothing really clicked, my mind feels too full of static to hear my characters tell me what happens next. I can't concentrate or focus on what needs to be written. It's hot and humid, my hands keep getting sweaty and even with a fan on my laptop it's still hot. On top of it all, a headache is trying to brew, causing more noise to drown out my characters. It's just one of those days were I feel like a dried up husk.

I also want to break out Being Human but there's nothing I can do with that. I'm waiting for one more beta to get back and Erin to email me any mistakes she found on the current draft I sent her. I'm dying to do something with it too, contract one of the editors I have bookmarked, email the one graphic site about book covers. But I don't want to jump the gun, I want to get all opinions back in, make sure my MS is nice and shiny then get the ball rolling on that leg of the journey.

I'm starting to get annoyed. The desire to write is there, it's urging me to open up that MS, crank out those words. But as soon as I do, nothing. I stare at the document and barely see the words I've already written. The words I do see make me cringe. They don't flow, or they feel flat. I'm not liking my writing today.

Maybe I need to get away from this computer. Go outside, do some errands or housework. The kitchen floor does need to be mopped. I could pamper my feet after the torture I gave them yesterday, walking all over the fairgrounds in flipflops for the car show. I'd like to make some more jewelry. 4th of July is coming up and I need to be ready for that but the heat makes it hard to deal with beads. They stick to my skin then fall on the floor and I have to go searching.

I guess there's nothing for it. Some days just suck. Today sucks for me. Maybe now, after a bit of griping and bitching, this day will look up, the clouds will part (wait, they've already done that and that's why it's so hot!) the static will clear from my mind and I'll get something productive writing-wise done. I can be hopeful, hope is good, right?


  1. Hey!! I finished it!!! It's good .... really good. I know I said I'd email the corrections to you today, but it's getting late (in my world anyways!), so I'll get them to you tomorrow. The best thing is that I read it all and I really like it. The changes and cuts you made were good. The story flows. Hopefully the others feel the same way!

  2. YAY! I suppose I can let you not emailing me the corrections slide. =P