Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pucker Up - Another book review

It amazes me how long a book I really want to read will stay on my shelf because I'm trying to get writing in and I know if I pick up the book I will not get a single thing done until I turn the last page. That being said, I finally read a book I've been longing to read. Pucker by Melanie Gideon.

Thomas Quicksilver, known to his classmates as "Pucker," has always been an outsider. His crazy mother, the secret of his family's strange origins, and above all, the terrible scars on his face from a childhood fire these things have kept Thomas isolated and lonely. But now, at seventeen, Thomas is suddenly given the chance to change all that.To be magically healed, even beautiful; to have girls throwing themselves at him.To fit in.
The question is, what is he willing to sacrifice? His home? His personality? His mother s life?

First off, yup, I read this in one sitting. I felt like it started off a bit slow but curiosity for the story is strong motivation to keep going. The pace does pick up quickly. You learn about Thomas aka Pucker, the world he is from and the events that lead to his mother and his exile. Then he goes back. I was nervous the whole time. Will he be discovered? I knew it was a matter of time but not when or how it would unfold and that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Thomas as a character... at first he got on my nerves. His mom is sick from her visions, couldn't he be a little more sympathetic? Then I thought, wouldn't I be the same if I were in his shoes? When I realized that, I sympathized with him much more. Teenage life with scars all over you face isn't the smoothest sailing. When he gets his face fixed back on Isaura I have to admit, I was glad he had fan girls. Felt like he deserved a break.

Then there was Phaindra. I still have no idea how to say her name. I really didn't get to know much about her, but she was one tough cookie in her scenes. Mysterious and focused to remain true to herself for reasons later revealed. When something happens to her, I did feel bad for her, crossed my fingers later in the story that everything would turn out okay for her.

The rest of the cast were nice additions. Patrick was Thomas' best and only friend, knew Thomas since he came to Earth and knew the person behind the scars. Cook, I was surprised when she popped up again and her role in everything. Other characters helped round out the story, give the plot depth and personality. A story can have a great plot but if there is no personality to any of it, where's the motivation to continue reading?

The cover is simple. Fire with a moth. The color I think has meaning, when Thomas first arrives on Earth, he is in the burn unit, getting treated and the one nurse there he described her voice as molten orange The nurse is Patrick's mother.

I received the book through paperback swap and it's definitely one I will buy my own copy of (I don't like to keep the books I get in the swap. Not because they might be worn but so they keep rotating and I support the books I really enjoyed with a purchase.) If you're looking for a book with a supernatural twist but don't want vampires or werewolves, give Pucker a shot. It gets 4.5 stars from me.


  1. This sounds like one for my TBR pile!
    You certainly make it sound good.

  2. You read this in one sitting?! That's impressive. If you can read books that quickly it's not going to intrude on your writing that much.

    Great review.

  3. @Rebecca, it was a pretty short book compared to others.