Friday, June 3, 2011

Lake's Realisation

Path of Angels only had four parts but CJ had five poems. I guess maybe I'll give some insight to the series, see if I can sum it up.

They are the four chosen, sent to be born in this world to send the fallen back to hell.

Michael and his brothers, Zadekiel, Jophiel and Gabriel are sure of the path set before them by God. Night after night they head into the darkness, seeking the cold. With a touch of Michael's sword, they banish fallen and their half breed offspring back to the fires of hell.

Lake, Alexander and Charlie are nephims - the children of a human and angel. Their lives have never been easy but both are determined not to fall prey to the hate surrounding them. Zephyr is an atheist struggling with a gift that allows her to write the future. Mariangela is a fallen angel hiding and praying to make amends for her part in the rebellion against God and protect the baby she carries. Their paths are destined to cross with Michael and his brothers.

Together they face a difficult path as the fallen plot to free the most dangerous of them all: Morning Star. Down is the only way forward, death the only gate to hell for the four angels. Their only hope for of surviving and stopping their fallen brothers are the ones their hearts belong to.

Part 5 - Realisation
In the end it was I,
Who ran and screamed.
With a flood of tears that,
From my eyes streamed.
The plan was simple,
A foolproof one,
But with the lies it spun,
Only darkness had won.
The doubt it cast,
Clouded my heart.
It made me mistrust,
And push us apart.
I thought him a foe,
But now I see clear.
The darkness it saw,
And played on my fear.

Alone once more,
In darkness bound,
A longing soul,
Yearns to be found.
Then through the dark
And silent night,
I see his smile,
Wide and bright.
Despite it all,
He came for me.
To take my hands,
And set me free.
Against his light,
No night remained.
No more this soul,
In darkness chained.

And so my story,
Comes to its end.
I've found the one,
My angel, godsend.


  1. Looking forward to your game picks for Monday's blogfest!

  2. @Alex, thanks for the reminder!

    @William, which one the attempt at the query for the story or the poem? ;)