Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting to know your MC Blogfest

This lovely blogfest is brought to you by Jeannie Campbell and hosted by Elizabeth Mueller. So go check out both their lovely blogs. Don't forget to check out the list of participants here as well. Now, on to the good stuff. There are three questions for the main character of one of my stories to answer. I decided Tommy, from Being Human would be perfect for this. (He's glaring at me because he thinks this is pointless.)

Tommy: This IS pointless. There is absolutely no reason for me to do this. It doesn't help me survive.
Yes, it does.
Tommy: How?
One word: Delete.
Tommy: Fine, I'll do it. What are the questions?
What is your greatest fear?
Tommy: I'm not going to answer that one.
Tommy: I'm not telling you my fears, that would be stupid. Another vampire could read this and use that fear against me. I'm not risking my survival on a stupid question by some human I'd have for dinner.
What are the chances of another vampire reading this blog? And don't threaten the hosts of this blogfest, that's just bad manners.
Tommy refuses to speak.
Okay, fine. Next question: What is your biggest accomplishment?
Tommy: Learning what friendship means.
Sighs. Explain why.
Tommy: Because it means I won't kill the human since they're my friend.
Fair enough. Last question.
Tommy: Good.
Rolls eyes. What is your biggest regret?
Tommy: I can't give away my biggest regret. It ruins a bit of plot.
Second biggest regret?
Tommy: Murdering my parents when I was turned and taking a long time to admit I regretted it. That's three questions. I'm not answering anymore.
Sighs. Vampires are stubborn creatures.

Well, thanks for popping by. Sorry Tommy doesn't like full co-operate.
Tommy: I co-operated! I answered the questions.
Not the first one.
Tommy: It was enough of an answer. You can't expect me to do something that puts my survival at risk.
Alright, alright, stop arguing. I should have used his name more. That gets him to do pretty much anything. As I was saying, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this. 
Mutters, Someone better.


  1. "Because it means I won't kill the human since they're my friend."

    He sounds so coldly analytical when he says that. I don't think I'd feel safe being his friend.

  2. @Sarah, Glad to know I hit what I was going for with that statement. And yes, being Tommy's friend can be a thin wire.

  3. I have to agree with Sarah, or at least I'd be very guarded. Great interview!

  4. That was fun. I love it when the characters won't cooperate. I do like the 'delete' threat. Great post.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  5. Ooh! I loved your delete threat--that had me bust out laughing, thanks! Tommy sounds quite intriguing as well, I'd love to get my hands on your book!

    Thanks for participating!

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  6. It's so fun to see authors "interacting" with their characters like this. Makes them seem quite real!

  7. Haha, delete! Great line! The interview makes me wonder if he was as coldly analytical as a human as he is as a vampire. Sounds like a great read!

  8. @Shannon, I couldn't tell you how Tommy was as a human. He doesn't know and Danny (twin bro) doesn't talk about it.

    @Christine, I love interacting w/ my characters. They're so fun. Well, Tommy is stubborn and another is too obsessed with sex. But they both have ppl who try to keep them in line (emphasis on the word try.)

  9. Isn't it fun to chat with your characters like this? Even when they're not so cooperative?