Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't hate the muse

Writers are always lamenting the inopportune time ideas come. The shower, while in bed, out running. We blame it on our muse being evil. Our muses have wicket senses of humor and love nothing more than hitting us with a great idea or the prefect scene to our story when there's NOTHING to write with. But really, is the blame solely on our muse? Should be blame the characters for picking bad times to start talking?

Or maybe blame should be placed on something entirely different.

When I thought about it, while lying in bed trying to sleep, I realized something. All those prime moments of inspiration, are moments of peace. You're in bed, trying to relax and unwind in order to fall asleep. You're mind clears ups as you drift away, stress and worries faded. In the shower, the hot water soothes muscles as you wash dirt away and all your cares go down the drain. You're not in front of a computer, stressing out over trying to get the words out. In those moments, you become relaxed and your mind clear. There's no worry about bills or your job and you can hear your characters loud and clear.

Naturally, they take the opportunity to start telling you how the story needs to go. It doesn't matter to them you don't have paper or pen at hand, you're finally listening and they aren't passing the moment up.

So next time that great idea comes in the shower, don't blame your muse for playing a prank on you. Don't lament that your characters only like to talk to you while you're trying to sleep. They're always talking, their voices just get lost in the stress and worry of the day. Take the chance to listen and find ways to write or record what they're telling you. There's no one else to tell their story, don't get mad at them when they feel the only time they have your undivided attention while you're butt naked and in covered in soap.


  1. 'They're always talking, their voices just get lost in the stress and worry of the day'.

    What a wonderful thought. I'll try harder to listen :)

  2. Most of mine hit me while I'm playing guitar - as peaceful moment as you would say.

  3. Good advice. I should welcome the muse whenever she shows up!

  4. Showers are great when I get stuck. I'm always happy when inspiration strikes.

  5. Hehe! I'll try not to be annoyed when they won't leave me alone when I'm attempting to sleep. :)