Sunday, May 22, 2011

Writing Blues

I was working on a story the other day. My muse was being quiet so I was struggling with what I wanted to say. I hate when that happens because usually I can see what I want to happen as a movie scene but the words escape me. This time though I wasn't feeling the writer love. I kept wondering, "Is this story any good? Is it original enough?"

Now you don't have to tell me there isn't an original idea left. I am well aware of that. The most I can hope to do with any story I write is give it a new twist.

Still, this story brought up questions. I had no answers. The story is written around the end of 1800s/beginning of 1900s. - not exactly sure on the date yet and have never tried to write a historical type story. I haven't read many stories set in that time. I'm doing a lot of googling, asking questions about that time period, the dialogue I use is way different as I'm thinking on movies I've seen set in that time. I feel I'm flying blind and that makes me feel vulnerable.

What if this exact same story is out there and I just have no idea it exists? What if I screw up something big that has to do with the time I'm writing in? What if the story just sucks?

You can see why I might be feeling insecure.

I try to tell myself there's no written law that says every story I write I have to attempt to publish. I can write a story, publish it then skip over the next one. It's not a waste, each story I write helps me become a better writer. That could have been just a bad writing day and any story I looked at I'd wonder why I was bothering. Bad days happen and let's face it, they suck. Maybe a bad day is a sign I need to take a break from my writing, read a book or hang with some friends. Maybe a bad day is my muse deciding she wants a break to recharge. Or maybe it's all in my head. Kind of like my characters.


  1. I definitely don't think any story is a waste of time. Getting it down on paper will always be an achievement in itself.


  2. I'm with you that writing ANYTHING is better than writing nothing, and thinking no one else HAS to read it always reassures me.

    That being said - go to your local library! A reference librarian might not only just help you find research about your chosen time period, but also might be able to tell you if a similar story is out there!

  3. @allison... I just head desked. Going to the library never dawned on me! lol

  4. Haha I almost didn't think of it myself! I know some libraries have reference librarians that can ONLY find books for you, but I know some have great specialty librarians...hope your branch is the latter!

  5. Sometimes, you just have to write for the purpose of yourself. Don't stop your creative juices, even if it's not "original." But the library suggestion was a good one. Another would be something like Amazon- they have almost every book available there.