Monday, May 9, 2011

Where's the vampire?

If you look through my writing files you will see an abundance of paranormal creatures. I have vampires (naturally,) werewolves, mer-people, spirits inhabiting people, a boy who grew cat ears, demons, angels, androids and trees that can move. All my stories contain something out of this world, an element that makes it supernatural. I love writing these types of stories too.

What about a non-paranormal story? Would I write one if the idea hit? I can answer that and it may surprise you to learn that nope I won't.

I had an idea for a story. There were no werewolves or vampires, nothing out of the ordinary. Just two boys in a small town hiding their love. They get discovered and one gets beaten to a bloody pulp and the other thinks he's dead and runs away. As the years pass he grows up bitter, becoming a hitman for a mob or some other type of violent job. He winds up going back home to get revenge and low-and-behold sees his childhood sweetheart alive.

I have very little desire to write this story. And don't think I didn't try to give it a paranormal twist. Ghosts I thought then realized no one had died so ghosts were impossible. The middle is completely undeveloped. I know nothing of writing something as nitty gritty as this would have to be. All these excuses served to convince myself that no I don't want to write this story.

I'm just a paranormal sort of writer. I love writing them and reading them (yes I will read non-paranormal stories and have read some very good ones.) There's just no motivation for me to branch out, try something normal, something less fantastical. I'll gladly leave that task to others.


  1. Teach each their own, but I don't have a problem branching out. It kind of lets me stretch my wings, so to speak.
    So far I've written or am writing the following:

    -story about an Angel of Death
    -story about crash landing on a strange planet and falling for a cat boy
    -story about a girl who has powers of the phoenix
    -story about a small town boy who has secrets ranging from sexual preference to an alcoholic/abusive family member to an eating disorder
    -Story about a group of kids who have powers based on their zodiac signs

    The only common thread is that they are all for the YA category. Who knows if all of them will turn out decently, but if the idea hits me, I normally have to give it a try.

    Certainly no shame in sticking with on genre. Many people do and if that's what moves you, what you do best, then why change it?

  2. Write what you love. Paranormal stuff is such a great genre. SO MUCH to write about. I grew up reading that kind of stuff, and watching X-Files and it's all so interesting to me. All these things in the paranormal genre are such great metaphors. I'm reading Dracula right now and the supernatural is used so skilfully to comment about stuff going on back then in society. And we live in a pretty exciting time right now... I feel like metaphors bases on the paranormal are more relevant than ever.

  3. Haha, I'm not trying to say I know you better than you know yourself, but I'm not convinced you won't ever write a non-paranormal story. Maybe its just this non-paranormal story that doesn't work for you. I don't know, maybe not. I actually think thats a fantastic story idea, if it was fleshed out a bit. But anyway, writing what you want to write is the point, so best of luck with everything :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  4. Oh, MB those all sound interesting.

    Fear not Austin, I will!

    Sarah, it does sound like an interesting story idea. Maybe one day the urge to write it will hit. Time will tell...

  5. Hopefully everyone will think so! :D I recent had an idea involving a girl and a camera...not sure where I'm going to take it, but I won't start it for a while anyway.
    Maybe the photos taken with the camera will all show bloody arrows, or clues will appear to help solve an old crime..something like that. We'll see. Sometimes the ideas work out, sometimes they don't.

    Just don't unnecessarily put yourself in a box is all. Never hurts to try and no one will know if you don't finish ya know?

  6. Most of us end up writing what we love to read, and I think that's fine...if paranormal is your thing, then by all means stick to it.

    Write another genre only when it calls to you :)

  7. Well, you can't force yourself to do anything you don't want to! I feel the same way about anything I do. Why change what works for you? It's a great idea- just the development would seem to take too long. Maybe hand it off to someone who actually likes to write that kind of stuff?

  8. Sometimes we get ideas that are outside of our normal genre or field. We might never run with them, but it's good to have them at hand regardless.