Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lake's Rage

When it comes to names and angels you always see Michael and Gabriel. I cringed a little knowing there are a ton of other angels stories with those names but I couldn't change Michael's name, he is the leader of the four in my story. Gabriel I could have gone with another but I couldn't see him as anyone other than Gabe. That's the sacrifice you make when you write a story about angles 99% of the time.

Part four of my story was all about Gabe and Alexander (also Charlie - I also have a thing for giving girl's boy names so FYI Charlie is a girl.) How their part fits in with CJ's poems about Lake is Gabriel has rage issues and gets pissed easily and there is a part in Michael and Lake's story were Lake gets very mad. I can't remember if I was writing Gabe and Alexander's story when CJ wrote this part either.

You foolish freak,
To be taken in,
By lies of love and,
What could have been.
They lure you in,
To hurt you more.
They give you hope,
And leave you sore.
But they'll be sorry,
Oh yes, they will.
They'll feel my rage,
And its icy chill.
 Before this night,
Is through and done,
I'll make them bleed,
And scream, and run.

Part Five: Lake's Realization


  1. I sort of ran into the issue of Angel names myself. Without giving too much of a spoiler away, I settled on Vretil, The heavenly register.

  2. I suppose if I really want later I can go searching through angel names but for now I'll just stick with the ones I have.

  3. Here's a cool list of angel names I used to plan a story that I haven't written yet...

    The trouble I had when I started writing about them was I didn't know how to write them without them coming off as overtly human. But I love stories with angels.

  4. That's a handy site, Austin, I'll have to keep it in mind.

    I like the poem, Patricia!

  5. That is a good side. Thanks Austin, I'll have to bookmark it and see if any names strike me as fitting my characters.