Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lake's Hope

Welcome to part two of CJ's poem for Lake. It was interesting reading these poems and seeing how not only they matched up to Lake and Michael but my other angels' stories as well. Part two of Path of Angels was Zadekiel and Zephyr's story. (I have a thing for names that start with Z.) I had fun with this part. Zephyr is an atheist with an ability to write poems that predicted the future. It's an uncontrollable gift that requires she keep pen and paper on hand at all time. Meeting Zade threw a wrench in her lack of beliefs. I am an evil writer mommy like that.

What use is there,
To live this life,
Filled with nothing,
Save pain and strife?
They'd be better off,
If I took the fall.
One small step,
And I could end it all.

Yet through the cold,
And blinding dark,
A fleeting light,
Leaves its mark.
An angel's voice,
And silent promise,
Of warmth and love,
Sealed with a kiss.
But like a flash,
It's gone again,
And all is dark,
Save hope within.

Part Three: Lake's Lies


  1. Lovely lines :) and I like the shape they make when written.

  2. Glad you guys like it. CJ kept being doubtful about how good the poems were. I wanted to reach through my laptop and smack him.

  3. Late reply, but still... why does everyone always want to smack me? >_<