Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lake's Emptiness

I had a story idea. I didn't think there was anything insanely unique about it. Arch-Angels and Fallen angels battling. I was compelled to write it none the less. It was different than Being Human or my others, more adult (meaning sex!) I knew it'd be a four part series but not full length stories. All four parts averaged about 20K words. I even had a name for the series: Path of Angels.

The first part I sent off to my writing partner-in-crime CJ Cook. I think we both fell in love with Lake Divine. He was a soft spoken character, given the short stick in life and a nephlim - offspring of a human and fallen angel (he thought his father an angel in heaven) and he believed he had to rise above humanity. During the A to Z Challenge, CJ decided to write a few poems and came up with a five part poem based on Lake and Michael's story - the first part of my series.

Here's part one: Emptiness. I'll post the rest throughout the month of May. Maybe I'll figure out a query for the story too since I'd like to do something more with it than let it sit on my hard drive.

A longing soul,
In darkness sits.
A hole to fill,
 That no piece fits.
The cold it wraps,
 Itself around.
No light, no warmth,
 In this place found.
Hope has fled,
And left this hell.
Dead within,
A void-filled shell.
The world moves on,
Without you, Freak.
No lips will touch,
Your tear-stained cheek.


  1. "more adult (meaning sex!)"

    Let's not forget the secret fifth installment to your series... that was the best part! :p

  2. That poem really works well, I'd say.

  3. Love the poem. And yeah, get the story off the hard drive and into circulation!