Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm going to make book reviews a habit... maybe

Since my last book review got tons of hits (in one week it became my second most viewed post) I figured I'd try to make a habit of reviewing a book. No schedule, I'll do it when I feel like it. =P No preference to indie or trad books either but I will probably do more indie books since I believe it will help raise the bar for standards of indie publishing.

So the indie book up for review is Better Than 8 Fantasy by Erin Jamison. It's the first in a series. First off, my main reason for doing the review, Erin just released the story and was doing a give away on her site and I won a copy. And since I enjoyed the story, a review seemed like a good thanks.

This story had some very nice sizzle to it. There are a few scenes that if it was me, I'd blush writing them. Sadly, for the novel, Erin did a little fast forward and had a summery for three months of Amara and Seva's relationship. I'm sure it could have been explored and if Erin wanted the novel longer she could of but the tension that starts to happen after easily made me forget to wonder about the details of those three months. When communication between them gets cut off for reasons I won't go into for the plot's sake, I don't think I sympathized with Amara as much as I could have. I was eagerly waiting for Amara and Seva to meet up though and when they finally met face to face, in a business meeting, the tension made me squirm and laugh a little. I'm not saying it was hilarious, it was awkward and made me think, Glad I am not the MC! I do wish the sex scenes were a little longer. I felt like I didn't get into them as much as I could have

Other characters. Amara's girlfriends were all very realistic. They were carefree and open with each other in a way that reminded me of my friends. Then there is Amara's ex-lover, Adrian. I should hate him for the flirting he did with Amara despite the fact that he was married but he didn't push himself on Amara in my opinion. Sure he showed up at one point, totally ready to have sex with her but she refused and he backed down because he knew he could seduce her but also knew it would ruin their friendship and he valued that. There is one more character and I don't want to give away too much. I will say he was introduced quick and it would have been nice to develop him more.

There were a few spots in the beginning that were repetitious. Sentences that started and almost ended the exact same way. Throughout I saw a few spots where there was a space between a word and comma but since I'm horrible at grammar I can't comment on if that's correct given the situation or not. Other than the spots at the beginning, the writing was smooth and flowed easily.

My only complaint and this is more of a personal preference was the constant description of clothing. Of course I'm not the most fashion caring so having the MC describe her own and others clothes is something I can live without in stories. It won't stop me reading but I might skip the description of outfits.

I liked the cover. It is simple yet has a very seductive feel to it. Fits very well with the story. I like the font used as well. I might have put the title at the top and the author's name at the bottom.

Overall, I found the story to be a fun and sexy read. I'd say if I was handing out gold stars, I'd give Erin 3.5-4 stars. There were flaws but they weren't bad enough to make me cringe. Plus with indie publishing, I expect to find more flaws than I would a traditionally published author. Hell, in my opinion, flaws in traditionally published stories are worse because the author is supposed to have a team behind him or her making sure there are no flaws. Indie authors don't quite have that luxury. I would definitely check out more from Erin because her stories can only get better.

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  1. Some interesting observations there, Patricia.

    I checked out the ebook on and was surprised to see, given your comments about apparent show-and-tell issues, that an editor is named.

    Show-and-tell is probably one of the biggest weakneses of the first-time suthors, and while used carefully and in single line doses it can speed a story along, a summary such as you indicate seems likey to impact negatively. As it clearly did for you.

    The storyline - female chasing well-endowed male - is not within my realm of interest (I feel inadequate enough as it is, thank you very much!) but another factor that would prevent me buying this was the price.

    For an unknown author with no feedback I would be hesitant to pay that price when I could get two - maybe three - books for the same total price from other equally new and unknown authors and spread the risk (and possibly end up with three great books).

    Surely the primary aim of a new novelist is to attract an audience.

    Epublishing for the first time allows new authors to put themselves in front of readers for next to no cost.

    Why throw away that opportunity to reach and secure a loyal readership for the sake of an extra dollar?