Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for X you sux

I thought long and hard about this post... well, maybe not that hard. But I gave it a bit of thought. Even my hubby tried to help out by searching for words that start with X. There were a few obvious ideas. X marks the spot, X-men, Xena and my favorite XXX is for sex! I also tried to think up another flash fiction story but nothing came to mind.

The problem with the letter X is it always comes after E on any decent word. If I wanted to I could knock the E off. Like XTREME! or XTRA! (Knocking the E off makes the word much more cool so you have to emphasis the cool with all caps. Trust me on this.)

It's so sad. My list of ideas for this letter near the end of the alphabet was short. My muse abandoned me when I asked what she thought I should write about (Yes my muse is female. Would you rather she be a guy? That might be a little strange in my opinion.)

My end conclusion is X sucks and I mean SUX! Why do we even have this letter? Can't we use another letter in it's place? But then we wouldn't be able to to kisses and hugs - xoxo - and that right there folks, would be a tragedy.


  1. Haha, very funny post, and very true!

  2. Even without the letter x you'd still be able to do kisses because you'd be using the multiplication sign. xoxo :P

  3. Hey you finished the #$%@@!! challenge, right? better than I did!

    Here's a thought on muses though:

  4. Haha! Very funny. I like it and Ill say along with you, "x suxs"

  5. LOL Yeah, the last three letters of this challenge have been the worst!

  6. Do X Y and Z even count as letters? I try to not think so, because it's hard unless you're talking about xylophones. I mean, is X really necessary? (Kisses aside.)