Monday, April 25, 2011

V is for Vampire Slayers

I like vampires. No doubt about that. It's all you need to say to get my attention. "Hey Patty, Vampires!" I have never read a vampire book I didn't like. Yes, that includes Twilight. In fact Twilight got me back into reading. I saw a poster for the movie and thought, "Hm, that looks like a vampire." I went home and looked up and sure enough. Vampires! Sparkling vampire but still they sucked blood and that's good enough for me. There is only one thing with vampires in it that I didn't like. It was the movie BloodRayne and it was just awful. The sequel was actually better - not much but it was an improvement.

But there is one thing I do like more than vampires and that's vampire slayers. Yup the people (mainly guys) who hunt down the vampires. Pop a vampire slayer in the book I'm reading and I have a new favorite character.

I have no idea what it is about vampire slayers that gets me right in the heart. Maybe it's the odds they are up against. Vampires are supposed  to be faster and stronger yet slayers can get the best of a vampire. Or tragic past. They are avenging lost loved ones. Whatever the reason I get weak in the knees when the vampire slayer walks into the scene. So who do you root for? The vampires or the slayers?


  1. Thanks to Joss Whedon, I am a fan of certain vampires. Not the sparking ones though. So I don't know who I'd root for but probably the vampire slayers because as much as I love Angel and Spike, I love Buffy even more.

    There's a website called "How It Should Have Ended" that creates animated shorts of how certain hit movies should have ended. They did one for Twilight that I find to be hysterical. If you haven't seen it, you should really check it out.

  2. I'm not much into vampires or vampire-slayers, but a lot of my friends are. I keep telling myself I should pick up a book and figure out what it is all about.


  3. I'm rooting for the vampires. There's something to them you know and after Edward, vampires have just become the more sought after mysterious creatures, atleast for me lolz...

  4. It depends on the story. Sometimes I root for the vampire and sometimes for the slayer.

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  5. I love vampires too, and the title of this post caught my eye right away. Buffy is one of my all-time favorite shows.
    I love vamps and slayers both so I go back and forth on who I root for.

  6. @Damyantiwrites Check out Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer. It's a cute, fun vampire story with a little bit of darkness thrown in.

  7. I tend to root for the vampires unless they are totally awful bad guys and the story is about the slayer, then I am all for the slayer! That poster is hilarious. In this case I go for the vamps.

    I see you've read the news already, but I have given you a blog award! Come visit my blog for the details. :)

  8. The old saw, 'what goes around..." Vampires are back in style with a new twist. I still kinda like the old ones like Bella Lagosi.
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  9. In the case of the above picture, I'm definitely rooting for the slayer.

    Come on, Blade. They're right there. Finish them off. It'll be quick.